Zohab Zee Khan – Poetry, Wellness and Life Long Change

About the Session

In this presentation, Australian Poetry Slam Champion and qualified life coach Zohab Zee Khan will provide a snippet of his high-demand wellness and poetry workshops. Self-expression and self-appreciation are the main tools used to instill the learning of wellness habits. With his lighthearted approach to poetry and use of brain hacks, Zohab creates a pressure-free environment and a passion for poetry. This is a session not to be missed and provides a great insight into techniques that create lifelong positive change.

About Zohab

Zohab Zee Khan is a performance poet, motivational speaker, life coach and YouTuber.Zohab has conducted over a thousand poetry and self- development workshops and performances across the globe in various international schools and writers festivals. Through his unique teaching style and self development writing techniques he has inspired learning and confidence in countless young people. Zohab regularly creates online self development and educational video content for his followers and has used his dynamic ability to connect with young people to provide tailored mentoring sessions.In 2014 he was crowned the National Poetry Slam Champion of Australian and was runner up at the International Poetry Slam in Madrid. He also co-founded The Pakistan Poetry Slam in 2015. His first poetry collection “I Write” reached best-seller status in Australia within months of its release. As a 4th generation Australian of Pakistani heritage and having been raised in regional Australia, Zohab has channelled his distinct life experiences into stories with the intent to educate. He seamlessly integrates Urdu and Punjabi into his work as he confronts a range of issues. Zohab’s energetic performance and powerful words have left countless inspired. www.zohabzee.com

Zohab Khan

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