Yvonne Alexander-Taylor – Hidden Lament (Spoken Word)

About the Session

We all have secrets. We all have shed hidden tears. Our experiences are life lessons and something that we should be proud to testify about. This spoken word poem not only reflects an experience of hurt, pain and suffering but brings to life the reality of a woman bruised by the ego and ignorance of one that she loves – note the state verb loves.

The poem is written in a sequential format, taking us through the stages from what happened next to what happened after. The what happened before is irrelevant here as it could not have prevented the lament. Experience the internal torture of the writer as she takes us on a journey of not only heartbreak but a recognition of her spiritual strength.

About Yvonne

Yvonne is an educator by profession and has experience working in the primary, secondary and further education sectors both in a voluntary capacity and paid employment. Her determination and passion for learning has awarded her a number of qualifications including her most recent 1st class honours degree in English. She sees lifelong learning as an important aspiration that everyone should endeavour to.

As a child, Yvonne was encouraged by her late grandmother to fulfil her potential for writing by having poems published in the local newspapers. Having been brought up in the Caribbean, much of her writing is influenced by the patois dialect of Jamaica. Yvonne is actively involved with her church where she uses her writing skills to create and edit plays and poems. She was a mentor for a sixth form college group that published creative writing and art – in which she has had some writing published. In addition, Yvonne uses social media as an avenue for her writing and has a blog site where she records her thoughts. She has a zest for life and all that it offers which is evident in her life writing. She continues to write her autobiography and other pieces which she hopes to have published in the future. Her experiences are her muse.

Yvonne Alexander-Taylor

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