Wellbeing is entirely unique to each of us, and what we each need can change from day-to-day (and hour to hour!). You may find some of these links and practical ideas helpful during this challenging time. If you have found (or created) other resources you find useful, please do let us know so we can share!

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The Oxygen Mask: Practical Ideas for Looking after Yourself

The Anna Freud Centre - A Guide for School Staff Well-being

A short guide to supporting the well-being of school staff during periods of disruption, from the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families.

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Mind, the Mental Health Charity

A webpage with practical advice to support individual’s well-being during the coronavirus outbreak, including exploring ways to relax, keep your mind stimulated and shaping a daily routine.

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FACE COVID by Dr Russ Harris

An e-book proposing a set of practical steps for responding effectively to the coronavirus outbreak, based on the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy. Each step is explored carefully, with tips and ideas that individuals can put into practice immediately.

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Coping as an Individual

An image to help you ask who do I want to be during this time.


Wellbeing Bingo

Try to achieve these positive wellbeing outcomes each day.


How Are We Feeling? Survey

Take a look at the survey findings shared with Aspire staff.

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Look After Your Feelings

Download this handy document from Public Health England for advice on how to manage your feelings during this tough time.



Plan your day and ensure a healthy mind during this period of isolation.


Managing Anxiety

NHS Every Mind Matters

Webpage from the National Health Service’s mental health and well-being programme, containing short videos and written advice for individuals in managing their anxiety.

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Knowing and Recognising Unhelpful Thinking Patterns

All humans make use of heuristic thought processes, which are ‘shortcuts’ that help us to manage the vast amount of complex information that we encounter in our daily lives. However, sometimes these shortcuts can lead to unhelpful patterns of thinking, which can negatively impact on our emotional well-being. The important first step in avoiding unhelpful thinking patterns is to recognise when we begin to use them; this poster illustrates the most common types that people may fall into.

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Flexible Thinking

We have more control of the way we frame our thoughts that we often realise. This tree analogy may be helpful for those who are feeling anxious. Courtesy of Carol Vivyan

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Making Sense of Thoughts and Feelings

A practical exercise to help you anchor your thoughts and tune in to your ‘wise mind’. Courtesy of Carol Vivyan.
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Balancing Commitments: Work and Family

Recognising the Importance of Goal Setting

For many people one of the biggest challenges of the current situation is managing the competing demands of work and caring responsibilities.

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Coping with Change

Buckinghamshire Educational Psychology Service’s guide to supporting ourselves through the coronavirus outbreak

A short, accessibly-written guide to some of the likely psychological effects of the current situation, alongside some practical advice for how to promote our well-being and the well-being of others in light of these challenges.


Managing Isolation

British Psychological Society - Social Media Tips

During the periods of isolation, social media can be a great way to stay connected with other people. However, the negative aspects of social media are well-documented. This webpage has some helpful tips about how to get the best out of your social media use.

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Dealing with Loss

Buckinghamshire Educational Psychology Service’s guide to supporting individuals with bereavement

A short, accessible guide aimed at school staff and parents/carers providing practical advice for how to support adults and children who have experienced bereavement and loss during the current situation.


Cruse Bereavement Care

This webpage from the bereavement charity Cruse provides internal links to a wide range of topics regarding grief and loss during the current situation, including “feeling your bereavement is not a priority”, “grieving and isolation” and “help for children and young people”.

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A collection of free resources for mindfulness, including meditation videos, for use during the current period of social distancing and self-isolation.

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Headspace App

This app for tablets and smartphones (available on both Android and Apple) is a well-reviewed source of guidance and resources for practicing mindfulness, whether as an experienced individual or complete beginner.

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Staying Fit

NHS - Home workout videos

The National Health Service’s own short videos for exercise workouts that can be done safely in the home, appropriate for all ages and stages of fitness.

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Davina McCall

A website fronted by TV’s Davina McCall, with hints, tips and videos for fitness, nutrition and well-being. Although the website is subscription-based, it is currently offering 30-days free membership.

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Nutrition and Recipe Ideas

The Independent

An online article from The Independent newspaper with practical guidance and advice about how to eat healthily during the current situation, based on interviews with nutrition experts.

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The Association of British Dieticians

A webpage of answers to ‘frequently asked questions’ and general advice regarding achieving healthy diets during the current situation.

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Distractions: Non-School Related Humour and Reflections


The online audiobook company Audible is currently offering 30-days free streaming of books, with a very wide range of material available.

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Elle Magazine’s collection of social distancing memes

An irreverent collection of Instagram posts and internet memes offering a humorous perspective on the current situation.

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Special Needs Jungle

Parent-focused ideas about how to support children with anxiety around coronavirus, including an easy-read explanation for children and adults with learning difficulties.

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Mencap is a British charity for individuals with a learning disability. This webpage contains a link to the most up to date version of their “Easy Read” for explaining the current situation to young people and adults with learning difficulties.

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Carol Gray

Social Stories (pioneered by Carol Gray) are a method of explaining social situations to individuals with social communication difficulties. This is a Social Story to help explain about pandemics.

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The Autism Educator

A Social Story about the coronavirus.

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Sensory Integration

Good handwashing is of utmost important during the current situation, but it can be challenging for those with sensory difficulties and aversions. This webpage has some practical hints and tips to support individuals with sensory difficulties in washing their hands thoroughly.

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National Autistic Society

Resources for people with autism and their families – visual supports, Social Stories, sensory activities for home, exercise videos, virtual museum tours etc.

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