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About the Session

For many children, access to the arts begins with Primary School. But how do we create an environment in school that inspires children to channel their inner artist? How can we create a school environment that stimulates creativity? Developing a passion for the subject begins with instilling a spark that ignites enquiry and a desire to engage in self-expression. Enthusing our children with a diverse and awe-inspiring range of artists, by turning our schools into a canvas for imagination, by providing them with the building blocks to articulate their creativity across a spectrum of abilities we can introduce concepts and ideas that inspire risk taking and freedom of expression. How do we achieve aspirational outcomes for all emerging artists at all levels of ability? I will share how I am using a process starting with artistic instruction, developing vocabulary, honing and consolidating and mastering skills through to articulating discussion and encouraging creativity. Through art we can challenge all learners and provide platforms for all children to celebrate their achievements. Throughout this presentation, I will discuss how art has become ingrained within the DNA of my school and share how we can create opportunities for challenge, introducing skills beyond the Primary Art Curriculum.

About Wayne

Wayne Roberts has had a lifelong passion for the arts. After completing his degree at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama he started his career in education. His career has spanned the last 20 years including working for Creative Arts Education, teaching within the adult sector for ‘Seasons Art’ as a Class Teacher and Art Subject Leader in primary schools. For the last 2 years he has taken on the role of Art Specialist Teacher at Dalmain Primary School in South East London, teaching the subject from EYFS to Y6. Within his recent appointment he has utilised his vast teaching experience to create access points for emerging artists of all ages. The art curriculum he has developed goes way beyond the knowledge and skills at the core of the National Art Curriculum, he implements a diverse set of techniques that promote challenge and aspirational outcomes for all children. His development of the art curriculum has received outstanding praise from Ofsted. Followers on social media have been inspired by the portfolio of his, and the children’s work, which has been celebrated within the local and wider community. His proudest achievement is instilling a love of art within his pupils.

Place of Work: Dalmain Primary School, London

Web Links:
Twitter: @dalmain_art
Instagram: dalmain_art

Wayne Roberts

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