Virginia Radcliffe and Ruby Zajac, Licketyspit – Storyplay - Opening Doors to Imaginary Playworlds to Unlock the Limitless Possibilities in Children!

About the Session

Licketyspit delivers children’s rights through play. More specifically, through Storyplay; a flexible approach and methodology, rooted in child consultation through drama-led play. Storyplay is supported by the Lickety Playcards – a collection of rhymes, songs, games and improvised stories. It is facilitated by actor-pedagogues – skilled, experienced actors with a deep understanding about what it means to be a child, and how to support intergenerational creativity.

In Storyplay, we create safe, relaxed, inclusive spaces where everyone is seen, heard, included and valued. This is empowering, adult-led, child-centred imaginary play. Children learn the art of democracy and social inclusion. Adults reconnect with playfulness and shared values. We take imaginary journeys to real places and real journeys to imaginary places, dressing-up in old clothes to create characters and stories. Reflective drawing & Lickety Gallery enable all to express and share thoughts, feelings and ideas. Sessions conclude with the Magic Clap – a collective act of unity and exuberance, celebrating shared creativity! Storyplay is delivered in community and cultural spaces, and in schools as a springboard into literacy and solidarity. This presentation will include interactive group play!

About Virginia

Virginia is an experienced actress and an early years and families theatre specialist with expertise in rights-based child engagement. She became Director of Wee Stories Early Years Project (2001-3), writing/directing/touring 5 plays: Hare & Tortoise; Wee Witches; Molly Whuppie; Quangle Wangle & A piece of Cake – NMS Promenade. Founded Licketyspit (2004), writing/directing 3 new plays – Heelie-Go-Leerie; Green Whale; Magic Spaghetti. All plays have teaching and family play resources. LicketyLeap (2008-now) innovative theatre as early intervention for 3-5’s, presented at international conferences. Studies show transformational impact on children’s confidence, social skills, emotional literacy, resilience, language, literacy in areas of deprivation, often 100% parental engagement. Licketyspit actor-pedagogues, expert in children’s rights-based drama-led play, lead work in Storyplay Schools programme, community settings & online – including intergenerational play and food sessions – Porridge & Play; Picnic & Play (Arts/cultural spaces); Bookplay; Porridge & Play Online – families share imaginary play via Zoom. Licketyspit’s Children & Families Network is a vibrant community of families who share Licketyspit’s ethos of children’s human rights, inclusivity and possibility. Recent developments include Have your Say Through Play children’s rights consultations. Virginia is on IPA Scotland Board & member of The Children’s Strategic Forum.

Facebook: @LicketyspitTheatre
Twitter: @LicketyTweet

Virginia Radcliffe

About Ruby

Ruby is the Creative Producer of the Children & Families Network and a Lead Actor Pedagogue at Licketyspit, who has facilitated Storyplay workshops in schools, community settings and recently in Porridge & Play Online. Ruby also leads on our Have Your Say Through Play project. Ruby studied languages, political activism and community autonomy.

Ruby Zajac

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