Victoria Wilkinson – Persistence Pays Off (Drama)

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It really does!

We’ve all had those classes. When you meet them they are resistant. Not because they don’t like you or your subject but because you’re new! They don’t know you! Why should they do for you? Their previous teacher had been their trusted adult for a long time, sometimes years, and here you are, you interloper expecting your lessons to go well!

It’s hard as a new teacher taking a new post. As a supply teacher, how do you win them over when you start halfway through the academic year and they know that their teacher is coming back at some point? Sharing your passion for your subject and persistence!

How does that look, sound? For me, it’s a combination of many elements.

About Victoria

Vicky Wilkinson has been a teacher at Hays Specialist Recruitment since 2016. A fully qualified Drama teacher her current responsibilities include teaching and covering lessons, mainly at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, in a variety of settings across Merseyside and Cheshire. Vicky has had long-term assignments every academic year since qualifying in 2016 and has taught Drama, English, Music, Performing Arts and P.S.H.E to secondary students in mixed and single gender schools.

Prior to qualifying as a teacher Vicky had a varied career: performing professionally as part of Live Wire Productions, a theatre-in-education company; working in hospitality, retail, and engineering and, at one point, as a NHS receptionist. She is also a qualified pharmacy dispenser, skills she put to use at the beginning of the pandemic.

A keen and passionate lover of the arts Vicky has danced since childhood, is musical – sings, plays violin and guitar – enjoys performing and has written and performed her own work achieving an award for “Best Moment of Theatre” at the 2010 S.C.D.A Festival of One Act Plays.

A graduate of Staffordshire University, achieving her P.G.D.E at Liverpool John Moores University, Vicky considers teaching the most rewarding occupation she’s ever had.

Twitter: Miss. W. @vewilk213

Victoria Wilkinson

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