Trevor Adams and Clare Winter - The Benefits of Mindfulness in Schools

About the Session

Clare and Trevor will discuss how they use mindfulness in an all-through PRU and on school outreach.

Mindfulness can be a useful tool to build emotional regulation and compassion in learners, their teachers and their parents. By developing an awareness of body sensations and the resulting emotions we can learn to have more control over the weather within ourselves and the classroom.

About Trevor

Trevor works at a secondary alternative provision for students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH). Trevor is a qualified outreach teacher and specialist support worker, and provides intervention provision in mainstream schools for pupils at risk of permanent exclusion. Follow @ProseAdams on Twitter.

Trevor supports schools in promoting the positive behaviour of pupils. His aim is to reduce the need for permanent exclusions from mainstream schools and develop positive, honest relationships with our partner schools.

Trevor began noticing the rise in complex referrals, which were becoming increasingly mental health related, and decided to complete the MBCT training and widen his knowledge through MiSP’s Paws b, .b and .breathe programmes. He now delivers Paws b and .b regularly at the PRU and primary and secondary schools, in a bid to improve outcomes for young people with SEMH. He has also extends his knowledge and expertise to parents and teaching staff.

In 2020, Trevor completed his masters dissertation titled ‘What are the effects of practicing mindfulness on politicians and their approach to decision-making?’ As part of his thesis, he was able to interview the likes of Chris Ruane MP, Jamie Bristow, Chris Cullen, Adrian Bethune and meet with Lord Richard Layard.

Trevor Adams

About Clare

Clare Winter is a leader at an outstanding pupil referral unit and is the School Mindfulness Lead and SENDCo. She is @mrs_bickerson on Twitter. She has worked in special education in the UK for over 14 years and is passionate about helping disenfranchised young people to flourish by building resilience and positive mental health. She also highly values the need to support staff and offer them strategies and tools to remain healthy. Over the last five years she has slowly built and embedded the mindfulness offer in her own provision and throughout local schools and parent support networks. Clare is trained to teach the Mindfulness in Schools Project’s .b, .breathe and .b Foundations curricula.

Clare Winter

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