Teakster – Connecting Communities with Street Art

About the Session

Street art is now a recognised art form, which is being credited with tackling antisocial behaviour and potentially providing a low-cost tool for urban regeneration. Community art-based mural paintings can connect and engage local communities, inject life into depressed neighbourhoods and foster social and urban renewal. Learn how community art-based mural paintings can give opportunities for people, who aren’t artists, to be involved in street art.

About Teakster

Teakster is a child of two different worlds and he uses his artwork to display his experiences.

His work has been featured in publications and exhibitions across the USA, UAE, Europe, and the Far East for over a decade. He has exhibited his work to a diverse range of audience’s, including various world leaders and Middle Eastern royalty.

His artistic style is a fusion of Middle-Eastern artistic traditions and modern techniques inspired by his British upbringing. Weaving together traditions from different artistic spheres, Teakster is known for his symphonies of vibrant colours and designs. He has been continuously evolving his work across multiple disciplines from fine pieces of art to urban street murals. His distinctive style of art and designs are highly sought after by private collectors and design businesses.

His efforts as a mentor and role model have been recognised by UK Prime Minister and he received the Alhambra Award for Excellence in Arts, which recognises the best of Muslim contributions to British society.
His ultimate aim is to bridge different communities and cultures by promoting peace, unity and greater social tolerance, through the serene universal language of art.

Website: www.teakster.co.uk

Instagram: Teakster_art

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teakster/12263502750

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Teakster


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