Education for All: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion

Discover ways to make education more inclusive, especially in areas where resources are limited. Free six week course from Future Learn.

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Inclusive Education: Essential Knowledge

Discover what inclusive education really is, explore its benefits and learn to implement it at system, school and classroom level. Free two week course from Future Learn.

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Planning for Learning: Formative Assessment

Develop the way you use evidence of student understanding to inform your teaching and enable learning during and across lessons. Free five week course from Future Learn with National STEM Learning Centre.

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Introducing Assessment for Learning

Develop your responsiveness as a teacher by learning how to assess student understanding and tailor lessons to enhance learning. Free three week course from Future Learn.

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Differentiation for Learning

Improve your teaching by developing how you provide differentiated learning opportunities for all your students from Future Learning with National STEM Learning Centre. Free five week course from Future Learn.

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Seneca Learning Courses

A series of seven free CPD courses to help support teachers become better practitioners. These range from cognitive science, metacognition, assessment, literacy and dual coding.

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Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction

Free online materials. Tom Sherrington has released a series of videos talking through the principles of instruction, supported by a series of PDFs created by a teacher in a UK based school.

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Teacher Development Trust Courses

A series put on by the Teacher Development Trust, featuring a number of UK and global educational specialists looking issues including formative assessment, effective emotionally loaded conversations, curriculum design, and cognitive science.

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UK Ed Chat: Multi-Day conference, 9-11 June 2020

As it says on the label! Join this conference featuring a wide range of education experts for free.

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Research Ed Live Sessions

Every weekday of the Summer Term, the best and the brightest in education will be live at 11 am. Find out who’s on and when below. You can also catch up on any you may have missed. There is also a list of recommended reading that runs alongside the sessions.

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Chiltern Teaching Alliance Online CPD

A series of online sessions that tackle all the key areas to develop yourself as leaders and educators. The 30+ sessions offer a mixture of topics that will appeal to aspiring leaders, middle leaders and senior leaders. Some will be pre-recorded, and some will be live sessions where you can interact.

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