Suzanne Norris – Textiles: Past, Present and Future

About the Session

Imagine a world without textiles. Imagine what you would wear. Imagine what you would sleep in. Imagine how you would dry yourself after a shower. Imagine how you would dress a wound. Imagine how you would stay dry whilst out walking in the hills. Imagine what you would use to replace a cornea. Imagine what you would use to suppress weeds in the garden. Textiles are all around us and we use them every day. This presentation will look at how textiles have been used in the past, their current functions and what the future holds for textiles. It aims to open your eyes to some of the less obvious non-apparel uses of textiles and make you realise you couldn’t live without textiles.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Norris, a University of Leeds BSc Textiles Studies (Engineering) first class honours graduate, is head of the design and technology faculty at Arnold Hill Spencer Academy, a large comprehensive secondary school in Nottinghamshire. Suzanne started her career working in the textiles industry before retraining in teaching in 2007 graduating from Nottingham Trent University. Additionally, she is a member of WomenEd and is passionate about both design and technology teaching and learning and furthering the careers of women in education. She continues to develop her research and is currently undertaking an NPQSL qualification.

Twitter: @Suzique1971 and @ArnoldHillDT

Suzanne Norris

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