Suzanne Culshaw – Collage for Self-Coaching: an arts-based approach to reflective practice

About the Session

In this session, I will introduce collage as a self-coaching tool. This form of collage allows you to place and move materials as you develop your thinking. It would be useful to have a range of materials of different colours and textures to hand before the session starts, e.g. arts and crafts materials, stationery items like paper clips, paper, pens, post-it stickers, buttons, ribbon… or just general bits and bobs lying around. You do not need glue for this particular activity.

You will create a collage in response to a stimulus question relating to an aspect of your professional life. When you have created your collage, you will be encouraged to reflect, in writing, on what it means – what is it telling you? This reflective interaction with the collage will be structured around a series of prompts based on an adaptation of the WOOP model (Oettingen & others). You will be encouraged to pause, amend and photograph your collage as your thinking develops. You will be invited to feedback about the process and if/how you might use this arts-based approach again for your professional development. Photos of collages can be shared, if you wish, via Twitter using #collage_coaching.

About Suzanne

After many years of teaching and leading languages and business studies in secondary schools across the Eastern region, Suzanne is now a part-time Research Fellow, teacher educator and coach. She undertook her Masters in Education at Cambridge University and was then awarded a PhD studentship with the School of Education at the University of Hertfordshire. Her research interests include teacher wellbeing, what it means to be struggling as a teacher, coaching and mentoring (especially Early Careers Teachers) and educational leadership. She has a particular interest in arts-based methods and has used collage extensively in research projects and in professional learning workshops. She is currently working on an Erasmus+ funded research project – ENABLES – exploring the use of arts-based and embodied approaches to leadership development. Suzanne is blog editor for BELMAS and a committee member for IPDA England; she is also a CollectivED Fellow. She tweets at @SuzanneCulshaw and @EnablesUH.

Suzanne Culshaw

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