Susan Coles – Why Do We Do What We Do?

About the Session

Sometimes we get to a point in our life when we sit and think ‘how did I get here and what am I doing?’. During this pandemic we have had even more opportunities to reflect and think about ourselves and our relationships to everything and everyone in our lives. I personally, have never seen education as a job, I have only seen and felt it as a lifetime’s vocation. What about you?

So in my presentation ‘I will ask you why is it that you do what you do?’ and explore with you why we must continue to champion creativity and creative subjects, and a way of life that is at the centre of being human.

About Susan

Susan is an artist and freelance visual art education advisor consultant, charity trustee, chair of governors, networker, public speaker, and critical friend. She works in the UK and internationally, in galleries, museums, and all phases of education, and represents Europe on the world council of the International Society for Education through Art, the official UNESCO organisation for visual art education globally. Susan is also secretary to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Art Craft and Design Education. Susan is an advocate for networking and bringing communities of practise together and this has been a signature part of a lifetime’s work in promoting and defending visual art education. Susan can be found on Twitter as @theartcriminal. Her mantra during the current pandemic has been ‘Let’s look at what we can do and not what we can’t do’.

Susan Coles

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