Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Free six week course from Future Learn with National STEM Learning Centre. Improve your mathematics understanding and learn methods for teaching fractions as a non-specialist maths teacher.

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Proportion, Ratio and Scaling

Free four week course from Future Learn with National STEM Learning Centre. Learn how to solve proportional reasoning problems and apply them to real-world contexts and STEM subjects.

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Exploring Books for Children

Exploring books for children: words and pictures, you will learn how children’s books use words and pictures together in remarkably sophisticated ways to communicate both to young and older readers.

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Italian for Beginners

This program of six free online Italian courses, created by The Open University, will help you develop your skills in Italian at a basic level, and introduce you to Italy and its language and culture.

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Spanish for Beginners

Learn Spanish online and discover the Spanish-speaking world with six free online Spanish courses, created by The Open University.

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History Courses

Uncover archaeology and explore important events from ancient to modern times with online history courses from leading universities and cultural institutions.

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Computer Programming for Everyone

Discover the art of computer programming and learn what code can do with the Institute of Coding and the University of Leeds. Free two week course.

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A Level English: Unseen Poetry

Discover effective techniques to analyse unseen poetry and learn about the creative writing process. Free two week course from Future Learn with Reading University.

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Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

Learn how to use cognitive psychology experiments to explore the internal workings of the mind with this online psychology course. Free three week course with the University of York.

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The Science of Nuclear Energy

Discover the science behind nuclear energy and its role in energy provision in the past, present and future. Free four week course with the Open University.

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