Sarah Stones - Increasing Engagement, Wellbeing and Achievement Through Motivation

About the Session

Do you have children who you know are disengaged or just not achieving what you know they are capable of?

Motivation is so crucial – if we are motivated we learn better, we are more creative, we are engaged and we achieve more. Understanding motivation enables everyone to use that knowledge to improve both individual and group engagement and wellbeing.

In this session you will learn about intrinsic motivation, what impact it has on our language, our attitude to change, risk and decision making as well as the language we use and how we can use that knowledge to support ourselves and our students.

About Sarah

Sarah Stones is a Motivation Specialist who is passionate about helping people to shine. She combines her knowledge of intrinsic motivation and positive psychology with a practical, solutions focussed approach.

Sarah works with young people, parents/guardians, teachers and senior leadership teams. Sarah delivers coaching; fun & informative workshops for students and parents; and CPD sessions that support SLT’s, teachers and their students.

Sarah has a special interest in supporting disadvantaged young people, students with high ability who are failing to achieve and those with special educational needs.


Sarah Stones

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