Sarah Johnson – How can schools support children that are displaced by war and conflict?

Live Illustration by Rebecca Osbourne

Live Illustration Sarah

About the Session

We’ll explore how to create a safe environment and develop trusting relationships with families who’ve experienced extreme adversity. We’ll look to understand the needs of families with experience of violence, war and other dangers and consider the steps we can take to meet these needs to enable both adults and children to settle, feel secure and begin to shine.

About Sarah

Sarah Johnson is the author of the book ‘Behaving Together: A teacher’s guide to nurturing behaviour’. Sarah is a teacher and senior leader that has worked in a range of settings including both primary and secondary of psychiatric in-patient services, pupil referral units, hospitals, and specialist resource provisions for children with speech, communication and language needs. Sarah has worked in the education sector for nearly twenty years and currently enjoys roles such as member of the DfE AP stakeholder group, president of the national organisation PRUsAP, head of behaviour and inclusion and school improvement partner.

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