Sarah Brackenbury – How Dramatherapy and the Creative Arts Can Be Used with Children, Young People and Families to Help Heal Trauma

About the Session

A lot of the children I work with wonder who I am, as a dramatherapist it can be pretty confusing as it isn’t usually a title they’ve heard of. This is often followed by, is it therapy for actors? This question has also been joked amongst many adults – I would love to present insight into ‘what is dramatherapy’ and how I use it to work with the most vulnerable children in a primary school/ as well as work I carry out in my main employment (adoption service) with traumatised children.

About Sarah

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and a Master’s Degree in Dramatherapy. She received her accreditation in October of 2016 and successfully worked as a freelance Dramatherapist in both primary and secondary schools across Sheffield. Sarah continues to provide Dramatherapy to a primary school however, since September 2019, Sarah’s work primarily takes place within an adoption support agency (Integrate, previously known as Integrate Families) specialising in trauma and dissociation with children and young people, Sarah has also recently undertaken training in EMDR (eye movement, desensitisation and re-processing) therapy which compliments her practice as a Dramatherapist.

Sarah’s love of creativity and passion to help people, have brought her to where she is now. She is privileged to work with such amazing children, young people & families, to help them through their trauma with creativity. Often, people have not heard of/ or have much understanding about ‘Dramatherapy’. During Sarah’s presentation, she will be explaining how Dramatherapy and the creative arts as a whole can be used to support children & young people who have experienced significant trauma in their lives.

Sarah Brackenbury

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