Sanum Khan - Underachievement of Pakistani Boys: How Do We Prevent This?

About the Session

Pakistani boys underachieve in relation to their peers yet they are often left out of mainstream research in education. When we consider wider evidence on deprivation, Muslims in the media, physical and mental health, parenting behaviors and institutional racism and teacher bias, the story for Pakistani boys looks bleak. In this session, she explores the trends evidenced by Pakistani boys in relation to underachievement and offers some strategies for countering these.

About Sanum

Sanum has been a teacher for almost 10 years and a head of department for 5 of those. She is an SLE for RS/PSHE, a Teacher Leader for Facing History and Ourselves UK, a Gold Ambassador for Parliament Education and has been invited to be a writer for Buckinghamshire SACRE on the new RS syllabus. Her recent research interests have been around the underachievement of Pakistani boys in relation to their peers of other ethnic groups.

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