Sanum Khan – Belonging & Success: a focus on changing the narrative for Pakistani boys in secondary education

Live Illustration by Rebecca Osbourne

Live Illustration Sanum

About the Session

This session will include a summary of an action research project carried out at RGSHW in 2018-2019 on the underachievement of Pakistani boys. An earlier, more detailed, version of this is available to view here. Sanum has continued this meaningful work and will share how community engagement, parental input and student voice have opened doors for sustainable change. She will also discuss progress in the work around literacy and offer suggestions for next steps. You should attend this session with a view to learn more about the experience of secondary schooling in Britain for Pakistani boys, understand the challenges for Pakistani families and educators in driving change and to take away some tips, strategies and actions that can make a difference to your classroom and school. Come prepared to ask questions, reflect on your current practice and nurture a network of educators striving for meaningful change.

About Sanum

Sanum Khan is a Subject Leader for RS, ABLE for RE & PSHE and advocate for Facing History and Ourselves UK. Her academic interests are currently centred in how a sense of belonging impacts success and this has led her to discussions of literacy, intersectionality of identity, equalities/inclusion and the relationship between values and behaviours. She is due to begin her first Assistant Headteacher role in September where she is keen to lead on strategies which can impact the whole school community in these areas. A blog post she wrote with a (now former) student on race and belonging can be accessed here and her thoughts about antiracism in RE can be read in Spring 2021 issue of RE today. She works with ASTRA and King’s College London to train and support trainee teachers and has worked with organisations such as Take Your Place and ACS Hillingdon to support experienced teachers in exploring inclusive classrooms as a pedagogical approach.

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