Rosamond De Vile – Changing the Story of Music Education

About the Session

Since 2008, Music Masters has challenged the barriers faced by many young people to experiencing and thriving through musical opportunity. The charity has built close partnerships with state primary schools in some of London’s most disadvantaged communities, teaching an intensive music programme from a child’s first moments at school through to the end of primary. Alongside this work, Music Masters drives to raise standards in and increase access to music education in state primary schools across the UK through a growth in its schools programme and through its PGCEi in Group Instrumental Learning, launched in 2019 in partnership with Birmingham City University.

This session explores the ingredients that make Music Masters’ programme in schools work, and the learning points and challenges faced along the way.

About Rosamond

Roz graduated in music from King’s College London, specialising in composition. She started her career in classical music artist management, supporting the work of musical artists and composers internationally. A move into the music education sector saw her lead the development of a London state primary school’s innovative music programme, including the planning, fundraising and construction of a designated music centre for the school and community. Most recently, after five years as Music Masters’ Learning Director, Roz became Chief Executive Officer in September 2020.

Roz is still a keen violinist and piano teacher and is a Trustee of the Manorfield Charitable Foundation, a charity attached to state primary school in Tower Hamlets. She holds a Certificate in Fundraising from the Institute of Fundraising and the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching & Mentoring.
Twitter: @rozdevile & @ukmusicmasters
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Rosamond de Vile

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