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About the Session

In an education system so caught up in the development of subject specific knowledge and skills, the development of self is often lost.

‘Finding my Voice’ is a dynamic and exciting individual and small group project, run by Rachel Higginson in collaboration with Exeter University’s Northcott Theatre.

‘Finding my Voice’ supports young people to physically and metaphorically find their ‘voice’. This project has been successful in supporting underconfident, disadvantaged, and students with behavioural and emotional challenges to grow and develop a stronger voice, sense of self and clear direction.

The project aims to develop understanding of physical use of voice, linguistic and cognitive and social and emotional skills.

It also supports students to evaluate their personal strengths and areas for development. Bespoke opportunities are provided for students to step out of their comfort zone, experiences which then can be applied to other challenges in later life as well as growing self-esteem and confidence.

The project has had significant success in supporting young people and has in one Headteacher’s words, ‘Completely changed life paths’.

About Rachel

Rachel Higginson is a passionate advocate for improving the educational experience and outcomes for both teachers and students. She is an education consultant, has been a teacher for 20 years, is a qualified Headteacher and has a wide range of professional experience.

After writing the DFE approved curriculum for a South West free school, Rachel became a consultant to apply her deepened knowledge of curriculum concept and design to supporting Schools and Colleges. She leads professionals in social innovation practice and promotes the value of divergent thinking to bring about change.

Rachel still loves working with young people and designed the ‘Finding my Voice’ project based in Devon. This supports young people to physically and metaphorically ‘find their voice’ and is now running in partnership with Exeter University’s Northcott Theatre. She is currently expanding this project to support vulnerable young people on transition from Primary to Secondary provision.

Her methods combine motivational, inspiring presentation and collaborative working to coach professionals to take a creative approach to innovating their practice. Rachel’s aspiration is to inspire thoughtful, intelligent, meaningful change in the education system to create an engaging experience for students and a better future for all.

Twitter: @creativeHigg
Website: https://higginsoncreativeeducation.com/

Rachel Higginson

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