Rabbi Neil Janes – What's 0.3% of 100,000? One Rabbi, 270 schools and 0.3% of the population

Live Illustration by Rebecca Osbourne

Live Illustration Rabbi Neil

About the Session

Buckinghamshire serves just under 100,000 children in its schools at primary and secondary age. Did you know, there’s only one rabbi employed (half-time) in the county (me) and the Jewish population is 0.3% (based on 2011 census data)? What does that mean for your classroom and school life to be culturally responsive, to support your Jewish pupils (and staff) and bring Jewish life into the school? And why, if I can’t visit your school, there may be other ways we can work together. We’ll learn a little together, share ideas together and I’ll offer one or two opportunities for us to celebrate Jewish life in our county’s schools in the coming year.

About Rabbi Neil

Rabbi Neil Janes MA MBPsS divides his time between a portfolio of responsibilities. Neil is the rabbi for SBJC (South Bucks Jewish Community), the fastest growing Liberal synagogue in the country, drawing members from Bucks and Herts, and the principal Jewish community in Buckinghamshire. He teaches Jewish studies in a Jewish primary school in the UK to years 3-6 and is a lecturer at the Leo Baeck College teaching rabbinic students. He is researching for a PhD at King’s College London, where he is studying rabbinic literature and its representations of identity and culture.

With experience as a youth worker and Executive Director of a charity providing adult education, Neil was ordained by the Leo Baeck College in 2006, with a degree in Hebrew and Jewish Studies, he also holds a degree in Education and Psychology from Cardiff University. He is an alumnus of Haifa University and the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem. In 2022, he was accepted onto the prestigious – Jewish Pedagogies of Wellbeing Research Fellow with M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education.

A parent to two children, when not enjoying the blessings and responsibilities of parenthood or work, he can be found in the garden.

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