Peter Hall-Jones - What Covid and Protest Demand From School Curriculum

About the Session

Designing and delivering a curriculum to support agency and the application of learning to make learners’ and others’ lives better.

Curriculum to change the world not just cover content.

In this conversation, Pete shall share practical and exciting ideas to develop irresistible and significant learning for teachers and pupils.

About Peter

Peter had a distinguished career in education both as a teacher and nationally recognised headteacher and also as an education and leadership adviser. Peter has extensive experience working around the world advising, training, facilitating and gently challenging governments, trusts and individual schools with a specific focus on leadership development, national and local curriculum design and impactful continuous school improvement and effectiveness.

Peter works with a number of change-maker schools, as ‘a whisperer in the president’s ear’ supporting and nurturing school leaders to respond creatively, and optimistically to the challenges of leading education improvement.

Peter loves the artistry of great teaching.

Peter Hall-Jones

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