Paul Snoddy - How to Implement Relationships and Sex Education in a School Environment

This session isn’t available to watch as some of the issues discussed were personal to those involved. You can download the presentation.

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In this session we will talk through the National changes for RSE and the increased in importance in schools, as well as share how we at Chalfonts understood this change four years ago. We now have a highly developed programme for our students and I will share how we adjusted our teachings of the topics to be reflective of the national changes but also make it relevant to our students.

About Paul

I am currently head of Religious Studies and PHSCE at The Chalfonts Community College after a varied career both across the UK and abroad. I completed ITT through the SCITT program after graduating from the Queen’s University Belfast with a degree in Theology and Philosophy in 2012. I was appointed as a Teacher of Philosophy, Theology and Religion at Southmoor Academy in Sunderland. After which I decided to travel and work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a Head of Careers and Philosophy at Help International School. Following a re-location back to the UK, I was appointed Head of Religious Studies, PHSCE and SMSC

I am passionate about the use of engagement through discussion with a focus on student enquiry in the classroom and I endeavour to challenge my pupils to develop their evaluation and reasoning skills. I have experience in the implementation of Relationship and Sexual Education in the school curriculum.  Currently we are on our fourth year running a very successful relationships program at The Chalfonts Community College with a focus of self-awareness and understanding their own bodies.

Paul Snoddy

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