Angie Browne - Finding Your Voice: Leading Your Way

About the Session

In this session, Angie will be explaining why it is so important to find and use your voice, to analyse and articulate your vision for your role, your school or education at large and ultimately to lead with authenticity. A mixture of personal memoir and practical tips, you will leave this session energised, inspired and ready to use your voice.

About Angie

Angie Browne is an education leader and founder of Nourished Collective, an online space for women. Nourished Collective provides leadership coaching, personal development programmes, community and all-around support for women.

Angie’s diverse experiences of teaching, leading and managing in a range of schools give her a unique perspective on the shared challenges teachers and leaders are facing in today’s schools.

Angie is passionate about bringing nourishment to the education system and returning educators to a more balanced state of wellbeing and autonomy. Her recent book Lighting the Way: The Case for Ethical Leadership in Schools brings this passion to life.

Follow @nourishedschool on Twitter.

Angie Browne

Christine Cartwright and Julie McDonnell - Anxiety: Friend or Foe?

Download Resources

About the Session

What is anxiety?

  • How does it feel?
  • Why do we get it?
  • What is adrenaline and how does it change our body responses?
  • How might anxiety be increased by a diagnosis of ASD or another learning difficulty?
  • How might we recognise a pupil with anxiety?
  • What can we do to help them manage their anxiety

This session will also include the sharing of PDF resources. for use with students.

There will be a live Q and A session at 9:20 on 3 July which you can book here.

About Christine

Chris Cartwright is the school counsellor for Stony Dean.  She has over 20 years experience working in Sp Ed and has been qualified as a counsellor for over 10 of those years, counselling privately and in schools.  Her modality is integrative, incorporating person centred, CBT and psychodynamic.  More recently Chris has trained as a supervisor and offers supervision to counsellors in one to one settings and groups.  She also has involvement in safeguarding training.

Christine Cartwright

About Julie

Julie McDonnell has had over 17 years’ experience working in Primary, Secondary and SEN settings.  During her 11 years at Stony Dean she has been heavily involved in the ASD curriculum, as a teacher, form tutor and well- being mentor. Julie has taught Life Skills to numerous groups, comprising aspects such as PSCHE, Functional Skills and off- site community visits. Julie is also part of a team creating and delivering support related to pupil anxiety, along with training staff involved.  Julie has a son in his mid twenties who has ASD/MLD and is in full time employment.

Julie McDonnell

Kim Clarke - Developing Remote Learning in RS

About the Session

The session will focus on how we’ve developed and adjusted our remote learning provision since lockdown and strategies that have been implemented to introduce challenge and improve engagement.

About Kim

I completed ITT through the GTP after graduating from the University of Stirling with a degree in RS and Politics.

In 2012, I was appointed as a teacher of Philosophy, Theology and Religion at King’s Rochester. For two years I was Head of Careers and CPSHE at King’s. Following a re-location, I was appointed Head of RS and SMSC at All Saint’s Dunstable, before starting at The Grange as Subject Leader of RS.

I was appointed as an SLE through the Astra Alliance last year. I am passionate about the use of enquiry and philosophical based teaching methods, which challenge all pupils to develop their evaluation and reasoning skills. I have experience in the implementation of SACRE agreed syllabi, RS curriculum design and preparation for SIAMS inspections. I’ve been an NQT mentor and a Visiting Tutor. I have a particular interest in techniques for stretching high ability learners

Kim Clarke

Bob Cox - Opening Doors to Challenging Reading for All Learners!

About the Session

Bob will explore:

  • a case study on ensuring excellence in English can be offered to all
  • a toolkit for opening doors to a treasury of language and stories, including literary journeys!
  • examples of quality text to quality writing journeys.
  • using online modules.

About Bob

Bob Cox is the author of the award winning ‘Opening Doors’ series and has been presenting ideas about high quality learning and English at regional, national and international conferences for thirteen years. Bob was a teacher for 23 years, then worked in school improvement for Bucks before becoming freelance.

Bob’s five books support moves towards a richer, deeper and more creative English curriculum. Bob has now worked in about 500 schools encouraging approaches using quality texts to quality writing routes: picturebooks, children’s fiction, poetry and great literature. The skills and knowledge of the teacher is at the centre of this process.

Recent briefs have included webinars for Chiltern TSA and various LA’s and Trusts with key-notes for NATE, The Education Festival, ‘Reading Rocks’ and ‘The Oxford Reading Spree’. Bob’s team has devised free online resources with 15 minute talk throughs, literary gems for English lovers!


Bob Cox

Dr Valerie Daniel - The Child as a Bearer of Human Rights Within the Education System

About the Session

An equalities agenda and children’s rights: an EYFS perspective.

There will be a live Q and A session on 3 July that you can book here.

About Valerie

Dr. Valerie Daniel received her doctorate for a thesis entitled ‘The Perceptions of a Leadership Crisis in the Early Years Sector’. Valerie is a Head Teacher who has a deep interest in the dynamics of the current Early Years Sector and more widely in how crisis situations develop and how to effect change in these circumstances. She proposes that the current Black Lives Matter protests have all the hallmarks of a crisis that has deep roots in deeply dysfunctional public systems that do not value people equally, and rely on a divided nation remaining divided.

Dr Valerie Daniel

Kate Hamblin - Using mindfulness in an SEN setting as part of the recovery curriculum

About the Session

What is Mindfulness and the benefits of practising it? How do we use it at Furze Down? (trials and errors) What resources are out there available for teachers to use?

This session will include a short 3 minute guided mindfulness practise.

About Kate

Kate Hamblin is a teacher at Furze Down School, a Specialist School for Communication and Interaction.  With 16 years in the teaching profession and 6 years practising mindfulness at a personal level, Kate is passionate about developing Mindfulness as a tool to support social, emotional and mental health within schools.

You can contact Kate by email.

Jane Hinge and Denise Williams - Doing CPD Differently

About the Session

We haven’t got it right yet … why? And what can we be doing differently?

A discussion about how CPD can used as part of a feedback cycle, working towards developing the professional curiosity about learning and investing in the students’ feedback as a tool to reflect about our practice. Looking at the bigger picture of education and trying to develop a teacher’s understanding of what engagement and learning is… are the children learning because they want to, or are they simply conforming with your wishes?

We will be covering:

  • What is learning? What does it look like in practice?
  • How can we use CPD to further a teacher’s experience and broaden their outlook of their area of expertise.
  • Identifying effective means of fostering CPD within the staff body, turning towards research-led, practical methods and away from ‘fads’.

About Jane

I have been a teacher for 12 years, teaching at The Chalfonts Community College and Mandeville School. Currently, I am the Head of Humanities at Mandeville School. I am the Head of History and have also taught geography for a short time. I strive to be the expert in the classroom and read as much as possible. As I teach the history curriculum, I reflect and review my subject knowledge. My reading choices reflect the developments I want to make. I am also excited about reshaping our curriculum. Further reading has helped me understand how my curriculum can be coherent, relevant and credible. I have been instrumental in starting a ‘Think Tank’ as another branch to Mandeville’s CPD programme. More recently, I have been working with Astra Learning Alliance as a Specialist Leader of Education, NQT mentor and delivering CPD.

Jane Hinge

About Denise

Denise Williams is Subject Leader for Computing with a keen interest in using technology to further learning and a passion for professional development and mentoring. She is currently part of The Mandeville School’s Think Tank – an informal book club who meet to discuss the latest research and trends in teaching, leading practice on Virtual Classrooms and remote learning and restructuring the new staff induction process as part of a team to drive improvement in the school. She’s also the school’s SADMO – Self-Appointed Deputy Morale Officer – working to help organise and develop a home-grown culture of Staff Wellbeing.

Denise Williams

Sally Jarrett - Early Career Framework for School Leaders - A School’s Perspective

About the Session

Wycombe High School became an early adopter of the Early Career Framework (ECF) in September 2019 and successfully applied to participate in the pilot early career support project with the Chartered College of Teaching this academic year.  This session will provide an overview of the ECF including the context, rationale, content, key changes and providers, and what we have learned from being early adopters of the ECF and our involvement in the pilot project this year.

About Sally

Sally Jarrett is Deputy Headteacher at Wycombe High School in Buckinghamshire, and a Cygnus Specialist Leader of Education (SLE).

In her current role Sally works closely with the school’s Lead Practitioner responsible for newly qualified teachers and trainees and the implementation of the Early Career Framework.  Sally also leads the Cygnus Teaching School Alliance and has overarching responsibility for its Appropriate Body Service for NQTs in Buckinghamshire and beyond, and the leadership and development of the National Mathematics and Physics SCITT (NMAPS).

Prior to joining WHS, Sally held a variety of senior leadership positions within selective and comprehensive schools. At Wycombe High School, she has been the strategic and operational lead on a range of initiatives and developments within and beyond the school and has a proven track record of positive impact on outcomes.

Sally Jarrett

Vikki Jonsmyth-Clarke - Distance Learning Pedagogy & Practice

About the Session

The impact of Covid-19 on schools has been unprecedented and challenging.  In this session Vikki will take you through current pedagogies and examples of best practice.  This session will be filled with top tips and practical examples that you can apply in the classroom today.

About Vikki

Vikki is a Lead Practitioner for Learning and Teaching at Wycombe High School in Buckinghamshire, and a Cygnus Specialist Leader of Education (SLE). She has over 15 years teaching experience in different settings, including subject and faculty leadership, and mentoring and coaching students and staff.  In her current role Vikki focuses on how students learn and what schools can do to develop positive learning behaviours and characteristics. Having completed an MA in Education, Vikki uses evidence-based research to maximise student engagement and potential.

Vikki Jonsmyth-Clarke

Naureen Khalid - The Role of Governors and Their Impact

About the Session

This session aims to demystify governance. It will give you a basic understanding of what governors do and how they help bring about school improvement.

About Naureen

Naureen Khalid started her governance career more than ten years ago when she was elected as a parent governor in a secondary school. Upon conversion to academy status Naureen became a trustee of the school.

Currently, Naureen chairs two Local Governing Bodies and is a trustee of a MAT of primary schools.

Naureen is active nationally and presents at various events. She also runs a Twitter forum that shares best practice and provides support to governors across the country.

Naureen holds a Masters and an M Phil degree in Genetics. She taught at a university abroad before giving up work to start her family. She has also completed a PGCE focusing on school governance.

Naureen Khalid

Alice Ludlow - Coping in Covid-19 through an NQT's eyes

About the Session

As a Newly Qualified Teacher this has been a year full of unsuspecting challenges and outcomes. I hope to begin by sharing my experience in the first 2 terms of the school year and how even in normal conditions, NQTs still face many challenges and learning opportunities. Every NQT has their own unique journey to share, and I hope by sharing mine it with give some perspective and clarity to others early in their career on the realities of becoming a teacher, supporting them in knowing they are not alone. Finally I will give my perspective on coping in the Covid-19 pandemic. Having a virtual classroom has been both an exciting development opportunity and also extremely daunting.  However, I am proud of my school community and how we have adapted. To support the children through new and different ways of learning has been an honour. Whilst I have missed out on spending some key moments in the year with my first class, I also have begun to recognise the massive impact I have had on this during this time, and I hope that will stay with them.

About Alice

I am a Year 3 Teacher in a Tring primary school but live and have grown up in Buckinghamshire. I graduated from Oxford Brookes University in Primary Teacher Education in 2019, having done my training in many Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire schools. During Covid-19 I have been working from home, supporting my class through Google Classrooms and I have truly been inspired by the strength of the children and feel privileged to have built such a special relationship with them. Going into my second year of teaching, I have been supplied with a unique set of skills, abilities and confidence in the importance and quality of teaching I can provide.

Alice Ludlow

Carla March Ferrer - Using Google Sites as an ever-growing and communal library of resources

About the Session

During the lockdown, we all have had to find new ways of teaching and for many of us, this meant that we had to learn to be resourceful. Even if we all know Google Sites and some of us might already use it as a way to present our subject to the whole school, I felt that we could make use of it as a more common tool. I am currently teaching the literature part of the A-Level course with my year 12 and that gave me the idea to create a google site in which students can collaborate with me and each other to build a communal library of materials which will always be accessible, well-organized and well-resourced. Students have expressed lots of positive feedback and my intention is to carry on incorporating Sites in my normal teaching as I believe it has expanded both, mine and the students horizons.

About Carla

My name is Carla March Ferrer and I am the Head of Spanish at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School. I have been teaching in the UK for four years as I am originally from Spain. I teach Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish and French) and there is nothing that I enjoy more than sharing my passion for my language and culture with the students.

Carla March Ferrer

Abha Miller - Curriculum Design for Secondary Mathematics Leaders: Developing Your Mathematics Curriculum, A Collaborative Journey

Read this report when asked in the presentation.

About the Session

This session focuses on the process of planning, implementing and measuring the impact of developing an innovative mathematics curriculum to meet the needs of your school.

About Abha

Abha Miller is the BBO Maths Hubs Lead and Assistant Headteacher at Wycombe High School.  Prior to this, Abha taught in range of non-selective and diverse state schools in London and the East of England.

Abha is passionate about Mathematics Education and has been teaching for over 25 years. She has a Masters in Mathematics Education from King’s College London.  She is a member of the Mathematics Association and the Association of Teachers of Mathematics.

She has held both Mathematics and Senior Leadership positions in schools and is committed to making a difference. She particularly enjoys developing and nurturing the mathematical experience of, and for, students and teachers.

Abna Miller

Craig Nevard - Online Learning using Microsoft Teams

About the Session

This is an introductory session which provides a step-by-step guide to using some of the key features of Microsoft Teams.  Craig will show you practical ways you can successfully and effectively incorporate TEAMS in your everyday teaching, in both the virtual and physical classroom and how TEAMS can expand your school’s learning environment for students and staff.

About Craig

Craig is Subject Leader of Design Technology & Digital Learning at Wycombe High School in Buckinghamshire. An experienced designer prior to joining the teaching profession, Craig is now in his seventh year of teaching. He has a particular interest in digital learning and its long-term impact on student progress and leads on digital literacy training for staff and students.

Craig Nevard

Audrey Pantelis - What Matters Most in the Post Covid 19 classroom

About the Session

Practical strategies to develop connection and resilience for pupils

About Audrey

Director of Talespin Consultancy Ltd. My background reflects a twenty-nine-year career in education in secondary mainstream and Special Educational Needs and disabilities phases as teacher, middle leader, senior leader, and head of school. Talespin Consultancy aims to be a bridge – the bridge of rope that enables change, step by step, with belief, growth, and authenticity. I currently work in partnership with DiverseEd, HeadsUp and Visions and Values and directly with leaders, staff, pupils, and parents to assist in the re-framing of the organisation’s visions and values post Covid 19.

Audrey Pantelis

Luke Thompson - A Brief Introduction to Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

About the Session

AT is Any product or technology-based service that enables persons with disabilities or elderly in their daily lives, education, work or leisure (AAATE, 2015).

Session outline: What is AT? The importance of AT. Top Tips for accessing and implementing AT.

About Luke

Luke Thompson is a specialist paediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) working with children and families with motor disorders.  He has a specialist interest in Assistive Technology (AT) and is leading a project to create the first inclusive SMART school.   Luke is also the business lead for the Royal College of OT special interest group Children, Young People and their Families and is on the clinical advisory board for Gripable, an upper limb intervention and assessment tool.  Luke is actively involved in overseas work with disabled and abandoned children in Asia.

Luke has invented a simulator power wheelchair which supports the development of children’s access to AT and powered mobility.  Luke, in conjunction with a software engineer, created the Pace MyWay web app.  Luke is experienced with collaborating and consulting with technology firms (e.g. IBM, The Parallel and Sunrisemedical) in advocating for inclusivity and development of technology for people with disabilities.

Luke Thompson

Sarah Watkins - Better Conditions for GRT pupils

About the Session

How can schools better understand and meet the needs of their GRT communities?

About Sarah

Sarah Watkins was previously Head of School. She is currently a Reception class teacher and Forest School Leader. Sarah writes regularly for Teach Primary and Teach Early Years.

Follow @mini_lebowski on Twitter.

Sarah Watkins

Ros Wilson - Aspire to Inspire

About the Session

Ros will explore our understanding of the word ‘inspirational’ in relation to teaching and appraise her own success (or lack of it) in achieving this aspiration. She will also aim to entertain and amuse at times… Booing WILL be allowed as she won’t be able to hear you.

About Ros

Ros entered the teaching profession in 1965 and has served continuously since. She has wide experience in education, including: working with pupils with SEND; working with pupils with EAL; senior leadership; head of a large primary department overseas; local authority advisor; primary strategy manager; independent consultant; advanced skills teacher (AST) assessor; Ofsted inspector; creator and published author of Big Writing and associated texts (Oxford University Press). Ros has lived and worked overseas, including in the Caribbean and Qatar. Her hobbies are writing and talking.

You can find out more about Ros on her website or follow @RosBigWriting on Twitter.

Ros Wilson

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