Nic Owen – How Can Drama Support Our Children's Wellbeing?

About the Session

“The arts aren’t just important because they improve math scores, they are important because they speak to parts of children’s being which are otherwise untouched.” – Sir Ken Robinson

“Doing Drama” has often been associated with building a child’s confidence or self-esteem and although these are sometimes bi-products of taking part in drama sessions, drama in fact is rather vital in building our children’s emotional intelligence and the freedom of their thinking.

Drama can create so many learning opportunities for empathy, compassion, kindness, reflection and resilience. All of which are key factors in maintaining good wellbeing and developing our young people into well-rounded, kind human beings. In this session, the five areas of wellbeing will be explored through five very simple examples of the drama- based workshops offered by Nic Owen to Primary school children.

About Nic

Nic is a primary trained teacher with 20 years of classroom experience. She is a mum of two teenage boys, and the Director of Zennic Wellbeing Ltd.

During her teaching career, Nic has successfully coordinated the pastoral care side of the curriculum, taking the lead in RE, PSHE, PE and Mental Health and Wellbeing. Her child-centered approach sees her train and work with children, young adults, parents, teachers, senior leaders and outside agencies that support children and young adults within their role.

She firmly believes that in supporting others with their wellbeing, everyone can then help to support children to become happy learners. Nic offers a variety of courses, creative workshops, and educational programmes to give people the tools to support positive mental health and wellbeing. Giving people the skills to use the techniques taught, to acknowledge their thoughts, regulate their emotions, build their resilience and enrich their daily lives. Her work with Primary Schools sees Pip, The Positive Pixie develop creative workshops involving drama and art therapy.

Nic is dedicated to work together with schools, colleges, FE, Local Authorities and the corporate world to improve mental health and wellbeing for all.

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You can contact Nic Owen Via e-mail-
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Instagram – Zennic_wellbeing

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Nicola Owen

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