Mia Bano – Buttercream BouCakes and All Things Floral – The Art of Cake Decorating

About the Session

Mia will be sharing an insight into her creative journey and why she expresses herself through the art of cake decorating and poetry. In her short pre-recorded presentation, she challenges and teases conventional forms of art by demonstrating how one can push the boundaries by creating edible masterpieces with simply cake and buttercream.

About Mia

Mia Bano is a class teacher at Arden Primary School in Birmingham. Having an absolute passion for the creative arts, Mia expresses herself through the form of poetry. Her background in cake art has enabled her to share her skills with both children and adults. Mia is responsible for leading Art and Design, Design and Technology and the Wider Area of the Curriculum across the school. She is a strong advocate for promoting diverse multicultural children’s literature in the classroom. She tweets @MissBTeaches_

Mia Bano

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