Dr Emma Kell

Being able to develop this website has been a real privilege and has really helped allay that sense of helplessness that many of us are feeling. I’m passionate about the power of connection and moving beyond our daily ‘bubbles’ to support and strengthen one another.

I’ve been teaching for over two decades, mainly in inner-London secondary schools and feel very lucky to work as Teaching School lead for Aspire. I also train teachers at the IoE and write and speak regularly about teacher wellbeing.

In 2016, I completed my doctorate with Middlesex University on balancing teaching and parenthood and in January 2018, my book, How to Survive in Teaching, was published by Bloomsbury. I’m a passionately loyal to our wonderful but vulnerable profession. My heart is first and foremost in the classroom, and my writing and research is driven by the desire to give voice to both the broken and the successful members of our profession.

Ultimately, my aim is to play my part to ensure that our young people – about whom this is all about – have people in front of them who are well-trained, who want to be there, and who are able to be humans as well as teachers.

Dr Jenny Feeney

I am an Educational Psychologist working at Buckinghamshire Council. I’ve worked as a Psychologist for twelve years and was a secondary Physics Teacher in a former life. I have two young daughters (aged 3 and 5). I would love to be a cat person but have too many allergies to actually own any pets. As well as Psychology I have a passion for cooking and travelling (especially travel that involves leaving the square metres that I live in). My current method for surviving pandemics involves applying logic and theory to quell the irrational thoughts that tend to pop into my head on a daily basis.

I am interested in using Psychology to help others reflect on their thoughts and behaviours in order to promote positive wellbeing

Dr Jenny Murray

I am Jenny Murray, a Clinical Psychologist and the CAMHS Link for Aspire. I have a keen interest in supporting young people, their families, professionals and teachers, using psychologically informed formulations to understand and respond to what often seem like complex issues. I have always advocated for increasing direct support into schools to enhance student wellbeing, taking a systemic perspective. This means moving away from locating ‘problems’ within individuals, but looking at the context and supporting the systems and people around the child.

Parents and schools play a crucial role and I am really keen to continue to support teachers and school staff in the incredible work that they do.

Dr Tim Jones

Hi, my name is Tim Jones, and I’m the Principal Educational Psychologist at Buckinghamshire Council. My role involves coordinating the Council’s team of educational psychologists in providing support for children and young people’s personal, social and academic well-being.

A key part of this is helping to support the school staff who work every day with these individuals, which is why the team and I are delighted to be contributing to Connecting Bucks Schools – especially because maintaining a positive sense of well-being is absolutely vital during these unusual and unsettling times. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about how we may support you further.

Helen Shakespeare

Hello all, remotely from the inside of my house to the inside of yours. I have the privileged job of working for Aspire AP who provide education for all the teenagers in Buckinghamshire who cannot attend school. My previous background was in mainstream Primary teaching and leading which has served me well in terms of the creativity and patience required working to re-engage reluctant learners.

Experience has taught me that learning can seldom take place outside of relationship; well-being and nurture first. If I had to pick three main personal values in the way that I teach and lead they would be kindness, patience and creativity. There is always a reason for challenging behaviour. There is always a way to relate to the apparently unrelatable and alter the teaching to make it accessible to the most disconnected learner.

Isolation has given me the time to connect with other teachers, particularly on twitter @shakespeareH and in relation to connectingbucksschools.com, to share trials and tribulations and swap resources. There are immeasurable difficulties and changes that the world is facing so we need to look for the silver linings. Connecting is a lifeline and I’m hoping it will be on the list of positive, post-virus changes.

Richard Robinson

I am a freelance web designer with 12 years experience in primary education. I love to work with people that have a clear sense of purpose and on projects that support educators and pupils.

I also enjoy working on books and resources including publishing, proof reading, and printing.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Emma on this website and I hope many people find it helpful in these tough times.

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