Luke Thompson - A Brief Introduction to Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

About the Session

AT is Any product or technology-based service that enables persons with disabilities or elderly in their daily lives, education, work or leisure (AAATE, 2015).

Session outline: What is AT? The importance of AT. Top Tips for accessing and implementing AT.

About Luke

Luke Thompson is a specialist paediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) working with children and families with motor disorders.  He has a specialist interest in Assistive Technology (AT) and is leading a project to create the first inclusive SMART school.   Luke is also the business lead for the Royal College of OT special interest group Children, Young People and their Families and is on the clinical advisory board for Gripable, an upper limb intervention and assessment tool.  Luke is actively involved in overseas work with disabled and abandoned children in Asia.

Luke has invented a simulator power wheelchair which supports the development of children’s access to AT and powered mobility.  Luke, in conjunction with a software engineer, created the Pace MyWay web app.  Luke is experienced with collaborating and consulting with technology firms (e.g. IBM, The Parallel and Sunrisemedical) in advocating for inclusivity and development of technology for people with disabilities.

Luke Thompson

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