Loaneen Palmer-Carroll – Using Art as Therapy as a tool for Behavior Management

About the Session

The job of a classroom teacher can be very challenging both face to face and on online. One of the major challenges is the disruptive behavior of some students. The education system is plagued with children that disrupt the smooth flow of teaching and learning with disorderly behavior.

The content of my presentation include the journey that I embarked on with a group of high school students with behavioral challenges and how I used art as therapy to assist in improving their behavior. Sample of students work, journals, informal interviews, and anecdotal records were used to collect data about the students’ level of responsiveness to their teachers and peers.

About Loaneen

‘Whatever her mind can conceive with Christ she can achieve’
Loaneen Palmer-Carroll is a Technical and Vocational Educational Officer. She is a mother of 4 and has over 18 years’ experience in education. Her passion for always going beyond the call of duty in getting a job done and assisting others, especially students, earned her the TVET teacher of the year 2014-2015, Master Teacher, and Lasco Teacher of the Year 1st Runner-up 2014-2015. She joined the Education Officers core in June 2016 and has not slowed down since. She is now an Expert for Graphics Design in the prestige World Skills International TVET Competition. Mrs Palmer-Carroll has stated a Visual Arts Professional Learning Community (PLC) in Region 5 that has significantly assisted in improving the percentage passes of the schools that she has been working with at the CSEC level. She has also successfully instigated and staged three Annual Visual Arts Exhibition in Region 5, that has helped both students and teachers see the impact and importance of Visual Arts. She has recently been featured in the media on various stations teaching Visual Arts. She believes in this quote by Pablo Picasso that “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Her passion for the Visual Arts and working with children has impressed upon her the willingness to conduct a second research on “Using Art as therapy as a tool for behaviour management”. Mrs Palmer-Carroll believes that life’s journey can be a rewarding one; once you use your mistakes to inform your voyage.

Loaneen Palmer-Carroll

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