11:00am to 1:00pm

11:00am to 12:20pm

Mike Armiger - Supporting Adversity and Trauma upon Return to School

About the Session

In this session, Mike will explore the underlying narrative, nuances and practical application of how to supporting young people who have experienced adversity and trauma upon returning to education settings. The focus of the session will very much be on equipping staff with some strategies as well as providing hopeful things we CAN do.

About Mike

Mike works within many areas but particularly; young people affected by trauma and emotional distress, care experienced children, suicide prevention and sport. Mike is a former Head of educational provisions specifically for young people affected by trauma, care experienced children and children with SEND and mental health needs. He also works with universities on models and approaches to student well being.

One of his main roles is that as a specialist advisor in relation to trauma and mental health. He supports health and education teams on trauma informed care/practice/response/systems. Mike’s work is often strategic at authority and trust level to implement systems, practice and change. His time is also spent advising leaders and system developers and supporting through reflective practice, coaching and school improvement. He currently supports several trusts with this work on a long term basis.

Mike also advises on creation of specialist care & education provisions, trains nationally and internationally and is the author of the Regulation framework- A whole school system and support planning framework for young people affected by trauma. This has now been adopted by health and education teams in 5 European countries. Mike works within mental health services and trains health professionals in suicide prevention/mitigation including response & assessment tools, supported the creation of www.stayingsafe.net

Mike Armiger

11:00am to 11:40am

Dr Valerie Daniel - The Child as a Bearer of Human Rights Within the Education System

To make the most of the live session, please watch the pre-recorded video.

About the Session

An equalities agenda and children’s rights: an EYFS perspective.

About Valerie

Dr. Valerie Daniel received her doctorate for a thesis entitled ‘The Perceptions of a Leadership Crisis in the Early Years Sector’. Valerie is a Head Teacher who has a deep interest in the dynamics of the current Early Years Sector and more widely in how crisis situations develop and how to effect change in these circumstances. She proposes that the current Black Lives Matter protests have all the hallmarks of a crisis that has deep roots in deeply dysfunctional public systems that do not value people equally, and rely on a divided nation remaining divided.

Dr Valerie Daniel

11:20am to 12:00pm

Lindsay Hardy - Sensory Processing

About the Session

What is sensory processing?

How does sensory processing impact our regulation, attention, learning and behaviour?

How has the Covid-19 pandemic response impact our sensory processing, regulation and behaviour?

About Lindsay

Lindsay Hardy is an Occupational Therapist specialising in working with children and families from birth to 11 years. She has a specialist interest in developmental neurology and sensory processing and how these impact physical and mental health and development. Lindsay has over 20+ years’ experience in the NHS and is now Director of Clinical Services for Pace, a children’s charity where she leads the Pace therapy team of 25 therapists.

Lindsay is past chair of the Sensory Integration Network UK & Ireland and has developed and taught post-graduate training in Sensory Integration to MSc level. Lindsay has  developed and taught courses on child development, early intervention, Occupational Therapy, play for therapists, parents and teachers. Lindsay provides mentoring to therapists and teachers.

Lindsay Hardy

11:20am to 12:00pm

Maria O'Neill - Emotional Wellbeing During and post Covid-19

About the Session

During the session we will look at emotions, how they are made and how to look after our emotional wellbeing. We will look at the research in this area as well as cover practical strategies to help adults and young people safeguard themselves during these uncertain times.

About Maria

Maria O’Neill is a pastoral leader, governor, PhD student and advanced skills teacher who presented at many national events including DfE learning visits. She has contributed to many publications including TES, Headteacher Update and SecEd. Maria founded UK Pastoral Chat and works as executive coach, pastoral consultant and senior course leader supporting pastoral leaders in education.

Maria O'Neill

11:40am to 12:00pm

Crista Hazell - Making MFL Matter for ALL Learners in Your School

About the Session

Crista will share how to make MFL teaching and learning exciting, inclusive and relevant even in lockdown and at a distance providing creative online and offline solutions to ensure high quality lockdown learning that is engaging, significant and unforgettable.

She will be giving away a copy of her book, Independent Thinking on MFL, as part of the session!

About Crista

Crista Hazell is a passionate and creative MFL teacher, leader, author, blogger and education consultant, working internationally with a range of schools developing innovative and impactful teaching and learning strategies and memorable experiences for learners.  She is a published author, Independent Thinking Associate, National Council Member for The Association for Language Learning and Mental Health First Aider. Her first book Independent Thinking on MFL – how to make modern foreign languages teaching exciting, inclusive and relevant is out now.

Crista Hazell

12:00pm to 12:40pm

Jo Holdsworth - What Can We Learn from Research About Questioning Students?

About the Session

This session will sum up some reliable, research-based ideas for how to use questioning most effectively with your students. It will also consider what the best questioning looks like in a remote-learning context.

About Jo

I embarked on my NQT year back in 2003(!) and have since worked in four schools, in a range of different contexts: comprehensive, non-selective, grammar; all girls, all boys, co-ed. Over the years I have held various roles including Head of Year, Head of English, Initial Teacher Training Coordinator and Induction Tutor for NQTs. I lead whole-school staff Research Groups, and a CPD Coaching Programme at my current school (Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe). I am also an SLE. This year I am completing the CTeach Programme with the Chartered College of Teaching, and I have loved the opportunities to engage with research on topics such as curriculum, assessment, questioning, to name a few.

Jo Holdsworth

12:00pm to 12:40pm

Vivienne Porritt - What Can #WomenEd Do for You?

About the Session

#WomenEd is a voluntary, global movement which supports women in education to lead at all levels. Find out why we are needed and what we can do to help you lead as a woman.

About Vivienne

Vivienne supports schools on vision, strategy, professional learning and development, and impact evaluation. A former secondary headteacher, Director for School Partnerships at UCL IOE, and Chair of Governors, Vivienne is Vice President of Chartered College of Teaching and a member of the Ethical Leadership Advisory Group.

Vivienne is a Co-Founder and Strategic Leader of #WomenEd, a grass roots organisation that empowers women leaders.  She is the co-author of 10%braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education (2019) and Being 10%braver (forthcoming).

Email: viviennept@hotmail.com

Twitter:   @ViviennePorritt @WomenEd #WomenEd

Website: womened.org

Vivienne Poritt

12:00pm to 12:20pm

Karen Blackwell - Inclusion and Autism: Fact or Fantasy?

Due to technical issues, this session is not going ahead. You can download the PowerPoint Presentation.

About the Session

In this session we will look at the impact of the Triad of Impairment and Theory of Mind on the young person, parent, teacher and TA: how it presents in the classroom and at home and the simple strategies we can use to make both home and school successful.

About Karen

I have worked in Stony Dean for the last 11 years and now Lead on ASC and Mental Health. I have had a long varied career in counselling, therapy and teaching which has enabled me to have 40 years experience of working with Autism and I’m still learning.

As a primary school teacher I have experience of reception, KS1 and KS2 and at Stony Dean I teach Humanities to KS3. As lead for ASC and Mental Health I have a whole school responsibility covering KS3 ,KS4 and 6th form.I enjoy a challenge whether it’s educational, behavioural, environmental, social or emotional. My thinking is often “outside the box” and changes with every cohort.

Karen Blackwell

12:00pm to 12:20pm

Julia Skinner - How to Successfully Work with Governors

About the Session

This session offers practical ideas from an extremely experienced governor on building effective relationships with school governors.

About Julia

Julia is a retired HT who is a fellow & a council member for the Chartered College of Teaching. Her passion since retiring has been governance & as a recognized leader of governance she has supported a number of boards in mainstream & MATs across all phases including special schools. She is an avid user of Twitter & can be found @theheadsoffice through which she has been offering free ‘listening ear’ sessions to school leaders to support them through the lockdown.

Julia Skinner

12:20pm to 12:40pm

Sharifah Jelany-Lee - The Invisible Ripples

About the Session

What my students have taught me about kindness and compassion. The stories that are never heard and must be told. The stories that strengthen our conviction of who we are and what we do as teachers. It is about the legacy we leave behind.

About Sharifah

I am a deputy headteacher aspiring to headship. I know that teaching is the best job in the world! Feel that I have been teaching all my life and will never stop. Eradicating inequality and disadvantage have been a life long passion. A life of certain privileges means that I can use these to influence, make an impact and difference. Mother of four young adults who are even more passionate and who are determined to make the world a better place than it is now.

Honoured and privileged to be here. Petrified and excited. But then isn’t that what teaching is about? It is a very humbling privilege – we get to enable, empower and develop the voices of the future. What would that voice sound like?

MA, currently in cohort 2 Women-only NPQH, Fellow of Chartered College of Teaching.

Sharifah Jelany-Lee

12:20pm to 12:40pm

Sarah Mullin - From NQT to SLT: Enjoy a Career with Limitless Opportunities

About the Session

Join Sarah Mullin as she shares her journey from NQT to SLT, exploring the limitless opportunities that are available in our wonderful profession. Learn about the importance of becoming research-informed practitioners; hear about the benefits of studying for post-graduate and professional qualifications and find out some top tips to help you grow and develop as an educator. Teachers are ‘always becoming’ (Robson, 2006); in this session you will learn how to make the most of what will be an exhilarating career in education.

About Sarah

Sarah Mullin is a Deputy Headteacher from the West Midlands in England. She is currently completing her professional Doctorate in Education where she is researching the under representation of women head teachers in secondary schools in England. Sarah is renowned for delivering CPD to student teachers and early career teachers across the UK and she coaches women aspiring to school leadership. She is the author of the number 1 best selling book ‘What They Didn’t Teach Me on My PGCE’ and she is the founder of #EduTeacherTalks, a YouTube channel for teachers by teachers. Sarah received the ‘Contribution to Education of the Year’ award in 2019 and she has recently been named a ‘Rising Star in Education and Academia.’ She has previously been named as an ‘Inspirational Woman’ and has previously been shortlisted as a finalist in the categories of Headteacher of the Year, Teacher of the Year and a Positive Role Model (Gender) by the National Diversity Awards.

Sarah Mullin

12:20pm to 12:40pm

Imogen Van Benschoten - Practical Classroom Strategies for SEND

About the Session

Teaching Standard 5: differentiation and adapting teaching for various pupils. This is often a thorny area because of the perceived effort involved and where teachers don’t feel confident they can end up defaulting to an over reliance on support staff or simply having lower expectations of pupils. This covers some basic teaching practices that will give teachers confidence in how they teach and understand the reasons behind these activities/strategies.

About Imogen

Imogen Van Benschoten, M.A. SEN

PGCE Secondary English (with Media and Drama)

I have worked as Head of Dept for English and now leading a Partnership at the Amersham School to support SEND in the mainstream. I have taught all abilities from phonics to GCSE and all ages EYFS to KS5.  I’m interested in promoting social pedagogy and expanding access to meaningful qualifications and training for SEND.

Imogen Van Benschoten

12:40pm to 1:20pm

Catherine Priggs - No More ‘Doing’ Diversity: Using Student Input to Reform Curricular Thinking About Content Choice

About the Session

This session will provide an overview of a project conducted by the history department at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School. A group of Year 8 students were taken off timetable for a day to reflect on the way in which they were exposed to a diverse past across their history curriculum. This led to a curriculum review and re-write. The session will outline the tradition of addressing diversity in English secondary schools and will provide recommendations for curriculum reform.

An article on this project has been published in the latest edition of the journal Teaching History.

About Catherine

Catherine is an Assistant Headteacher and Director of Teaching School at an 11-18 school in Buckinghamshire. She has worked at a range of schools and has experience of Senior Leadership. She has led on: Teaching and Learning, Professional Development, Appraisal, and Research; she has also been Professional Tutor in two schools. She is an SLE, and is actively involved in school-to-school support.

Catherine trained as a history teacher. She has spoken at a variety of history conferences, and regularly presents for Hodder Education, for whom she has co-authored and edited a textbook. She is a Team Leader and exam paper author for a leading awarding body. She mentored for the University of Cambridge history PGCE, and ran the history programme for a SCITT in Bedfordshire.

Catherine works on a flexible basis after recently returning to work from maternity leave. She spoke about supporting colleagues returning from parental leave at a #WomenEd Lead Meet.

12:40pm to 1:20pm

Elizabeth Wright - How to Make Your School a Better Disability Ally

About the Session

Disability activism seeks to make the world a fairer and more equitable place for disabled people. To create sustainable change, however, disabled people need allies in the form of non-disabled people who are willing to learn from and stand with disabled people. A space where we can actively start to encourage disability allyship is in schools and it starts by building disability awareness into your curriculum- but where does a non-disabled teacher even begin to understand how to do this? Elizabeth will share with you some of her story, will build your understanding of what disability is and some of the issues that disabled people can face in the world. Most importantly though, she will share with you her top tips on how your school can become a better disability ally.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Wright is a speaker, writer, Disability activist and consultant, who also happens to be a Paralympic Medalist. Elizabeth is also editor of Conscious Being, an online publication for disabled women by disabled women.

Elizabeth Wright

12:40pm to 1:00pm

Dr Ben Scott - Teacher Tips: Top 5 #TTT5

About the Session

For teachers who use Twitter I would love to introduce you to the concept ‘Teacher Tips Top 5 #TTT5’ which aims to connect others, share ideas and learn from one another. This half term I am trialling a new teaching hashtag campaign, so please join me to learn more about it and what I am learning in the process.

About Ben

With a background in biochemistry, I have been teaching science for 5 years. I initially specialised in A-level chemistry and now also teach A-level biology. I have always loved talking about science and am enjoying the challenges that remote teaching has presented during lock down.

Dr Ben Scott

12:40pm to 1:00pm

Elizabeth Swan - Putting Happiness on the Curriculum:  How Positive Psychology Improves the Well-being and Resilience of Pupils

About the Session

What is Positive Psychology? -> What is Positive Education?

How does this fit in the new educational landscape? (Trying to avoid the phrase “new normal”)

Draw on examples from Australia and Canada.

How can we integrate positive psychology into our curriculum to improve the well-being and happiness of pupils and staff – using interventions that are based on scientific research.

(Ensuring this isn’t another Braingym!)

Applying the principles of positive psychology in our own life – putting the oxygen mask on yourself on a plane before your children.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Swan is a former Headteacher, SENDCo, teacher, published author and keynote speaker. A lifelong learner and passionate pursuant of positive psychology, Elizabeth uses her experience across mainstream and specialist settings working with school leaders, educators, parents and pupils to improve well-being and overcome barriers to learning.

Elizabeth Swan

12:40pm to 1:00pm

Professor Sam Twisleton, OBE - The ITT Core Content and Early Career Frameworks and Why They Matter

About the Session

This will give an overview of the newly published DfE ITT Core Content Framework for ITT and how this is designed to support teacher recruitment, retention and development through its close relationship with the Early Career Framework. It will draw on research on the development of teacher expertise and relate this to the findings of the Carter Review of ITT and the DfE Recruitment and Retention Strategy with a particular focus on the importance of early career support and development.

About Sam

Sam is the Director of Sheffield Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University. She is a Founding Fellow and Vice President (external) of the Chartered College of Teaching. She has recently taken on the roles of Deputy Chair of the Doncaster Opportunity Area Board and Chair of the DfE Initial Teacher Education content group.

Prof Sam Twisleton

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