1:00pm to 3:00pm

1:00pm to 1:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm to 3:30pm

Hannah Wilson - #IamRemarkable Workshop

About the Session

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace & beyond

Join Hannah for an inspirational workshop empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate YOUR achievements in the workplace and beyond.This 90 minute virtual workshop will highlight the importance of self-promotion in YOUR career and provide YOU with the tools to practise this skill.#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative. YOU can visit the #IamRemarkable website to learn more.

About Hannah

Hannah Wilson is an independent educational consultant who specialises in leadership development and training. She is a DfE coach for the Women Leading in Education initiative and an advocate for flexible working (the focus for her MA in Education).

She specialises in:

  •   Diversity, Inclusion and Equality
  •   Professional Learning
  •   Early Career Teachers
  •   Mentoring and Coaching
  •   Mental Health and Wellbeing

Her former roles have included:

  •   Head of Secondary Teacher Training, University of Buckingham
  •   Founding Executive Headteacher of Aureus School & Aureus Primary School, GLF Schools
  •   Strategic Lead for the GLF Teaching School Alliance
  •   Sub-Regional Strategic Lead for the SE Women Leading in Education Network for Oxon, Berks and Bucks (NCTL)
  •   Professional Learning Lead for the Harris Federation

As a collaborator and a networker, Hannah is involved in a number of networks which she has founded, co-leads and delivers bespoke training through:

  •   Founder #DiverseEd
  •   Founder #LeanInGirlsUK
  •   Founder Oxon MH and WB network
  •   Co-Founder #OxWomenLeaders
  •   Co-Founder #WomenEd

Hannah is an Associate or an Ambassador for the following organisations:

  •   HeadsUp – Associate
  •   Hopscotch – Consultant and Facilitator
  •   InspirEDucate – Associate
  •   Leadership Matters – Ambassador
  •   Mental Health Schools Award – Coach
  •   Spirals Partnership – Consultant
  •   Values-based Education – Consultant

Hannah is a Trustee at the Odyssey Trust and she is an elected Council Member for the Chartered College of Teaching.

Email: hello@hannah-wilson.co.uk

Website: www.hannah-wilson.co.uk

Twitter:  @Ethical_Leader

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannah-wilson-60951456/?trk=public-profile-join-page

Blog: https://ethical-leader.blog/

Hannah Wilson

1:30pm to 2:10pm

Dr Elly Barnes - Breaking the Binary in Education - Building a Future of Inclusion

About the Session

Elly’s relaxed, fun and interactive session is an opportunity to discuss the legal requirements to ensure your school is adhering to the statutory duties regarding the inclusion of gender, gender identity and sexual orientation.


  • To develop a deeper understanding of LGBT+ inclusion, why it is necessary to include these protected characteristics in the curriculum and what we need to do to ensure their full inclusion and equilibrium with other equality strands
  • Curriculum development in all subject areas and key stages, increasing subject knowledge
  • Exploring heteronormativity and cisnormativity, encouraging intersectionality in the curriculum through the pedagogy of ‘usualising’
  • To experience real life examples from our partner schools and colleges, through films, exemplar lessons, language, law, expectations, examples of environmental changes and community events
  • Developing a personalised action plan – participants are encouraged to think where in their day to day school life this work would best fit and where the starting points are
  • Exploration of quick wins and strategies and resources for long term sustainable change

You will leave with renewed confidence and numerous resources to start implementing the very next day.

About Elly

Dr Elly Barnes MBE is the founder and CEO of Educate & Celebrate, an LGBT+ education charity that empowers and supports teachers, pupils and parents to build a future of inclusion and social justice. Follow @elly_barnes on Twitter. Beginning in the UK in 2005 and spearheading the Department for Education HBT anti-bullying project, the charity has also taken the successful strategies to teachers in Germany, Spain, Turkey and more recently Switzerland, Ireland and Thailand.

Elly was voted No: 1 in The Independent on Sundays Rainbow List 2011 for her commitment to LGBT+ in education and DIVA Activist of the Year 2018. Throughout the development of the pioneering PRIDE in Inclusion Award Programme, Elly formed a close partnership with Goldsmiths University of London and together with Dr Anna Carlile wrote How to Transform Your School into an LGBT+Friendly Place: A Practical Guide for nursery, primary and secondary teachers released in March 2018

Dr Elly Barnes

1:30pm to 2:10pm

Peter Hall-Jones - What Covid and Protest Demand From School Curriculum

About the Session

Designing and delivering a curriculum to support agency and the application of learning to make learners’ and others’ lives better.

Curriculum to change the world not just cover content.

In this conversation, Pete shall share practical and exciting ideas to develop irresistible and significant learning for teachers and pupils.

About Peter

Peter had a distinguished career in education both as a teacher and nationally recognised headteacher and also as an education and leadership adviser. Peter has extensive experience working around the world advising, training, facilitating and gently challenging governments, trusts and individual schools with a specific focus on leadership development, national and local curriculum design and impactful continuous school improvement and effectiveness.

Peter works with a number of change-maker schools, as ‘a whisperer in the president’s ear’ supporting and nurturing school leaders to respond creatively, and optimistically to the challenges of leading education improvement.

Peter loves the artistry of great teaching.

Peter Hall-Jones

1:30pm to 1:50pm

Bryn Llewellyn - Pivot in a Pandemic - Physical activity, health and wellbeing in schools

About the Session

As teachers and leaders, we need to look at ways we can increase and embed creative opportunities for learning. However, schools are incredibly busy places with relentless pressures to increase standards. Meanwhile, the health and wellbeing of UK primary school children is on the decline.

  • Physical activity levels amongst UK primary-aged children are falling from as early as 7-years of age
  • Only 10% of children achieve the daily recommendations for physical activity
  • Increasing numbers of children in the UK are leaving school classified as obese or overweight

Traditional approaches towards improving health outcomes for children focus heavily upon Sport & PE during segmented periods of the school day. But does this engage all children in becoming more active? Or does it merely maintain the levels of those that are active already? Could Physically Active Learning (PAL) be the solution for all children?

Given the circumstances of yesterday’s leaked paper, I would look towards providing school leaders and teachers with ideas – backed by research – to ensure we deliver core subjects through physical activity.

About Bryn

aving spent an intense 2+ months writing content for BBC Bitesize, I have been supporting schools as they widen their reopening. Read more.

Bryn Llewellyn

1:30pm to 1:50pm

Paul Snoddy - How to Implement Relationships and Sex Education in a School Environment

About the Session

In this session we will talk through the National changes for RSE and the increased in importance in schools, as well as share how we at Chalfonts understood this change four years ago. We now have a highly developed programme for our students and I will share how we adjusted our teachings of the topics to be reflective of the national changes but also make it relevant to our students.

About Paul

I am currently head of Religious Studies and PHSCE at The Chalfonts Community College after a varied career both across the UK and abroad. I completed ITT through the SCITT program after graduating from the Queen’s University Belfast with a degree in Theology and Philosophy in 2012. I was appointed as a Teacher of Philosophy, Theology and Religion at Southmoor Academy in Sunderland. After which I decided to travel and work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a Head of Careers and Philosophy at Help International School. Following a re-location back to the UK, I was appointed Head of Religious Studies, PHSCE and SMSC

I am passionate about the use of engagement through discussion with a focus on student enquiry in the classroom and I endeavour to challenge my pupils to develop their evaluation and reasoning skills. I have experience in the implementation of Relationship and Sexual Education in the school curriculum.  Currently we are on our fourth year running a very successful relationships program at The Chalfonts Community College with a focus of self-awareness and understanding their own bodies.

Paul Snoddy

1:30pm to 1:50pm

Bukky Yusuf - Managing Your Wellbeing

About the Session

This session will share strategies to help educators manage their well being in sustainable and practical ways.

About Bukky

Bukky Yusuf is a science teacher, senior leader and coach. She has undertaken a number of leadership roles within mainstream / special schools and is also an ambassador for Leadership Matters. Furthermore, Bukky is also a Network Leader and coach for WomenEd & BAMEEd. Bukky is a steering group member of the Teacher5aday well-being initiative and created  #21daysJuly to help educators focus on their well-being.

Beyond the classroom, Bukky has a variety of Ed(ucation) Tech(nology) experiences which includes participating as a judge for The EdTech50 Schools and serving as an Education Board Member for Innovate My School.  She is a co-chair of the EdTech Leadership Group to support the Government’s EdTech strategy.

Bukky Yusuf

1:50pm to 2:30pm

Karen Edge - Rocking Pandemic Leadership: How Reflecting on Pandemic Privilege, Wellbeing Tells and Being a Role Model Supports Building Back Stronger

About the Session

This fast paced session will involve participants in reflecting on their own pandemic work and life experience in three parts. First, we’ll reflect on how acknowledging privilege shapes team success in build back from lockdown. Second, we identify how to spot when burnout is approaching and strategies for keeping your teams well. Finally, considering how we role model personhood and leadership as we enter the newest phase of ‘opening’ will determine who wants your job in the future.

It will be fun, I promise!!!

About Karen

Dr Karen Edge is currently a Reader in Educational Leadership at UCL Institute of Education and recently served as Pro-Vice Provost (International) at University College London, UK. Karen has conducted research in over 30 countries and has recently completed a 6-jurisdiction study of teacher motivation and retention. Karen’s Global City Leaders Project worked with Generation X (under 40-year-old) school leaders in London, New York City and Toronto to understand more about their work, lives and ambitions.

Follow @drkarenedge on Twitter.

Karen Edge

1:50pm to 2:10pm

Trevor Adams and Clare Winter - The Benefits of Mindfulness in Schools

About the Session

Clare and Trevor will discuss how they use mindfulness in an all-through PRU and on school outreach.

Mindfulness can be a useful tool to build emotional regulation and compassion in learners, their teachers and their parents. By developing an awareness of body sensations and the resulting emotions we can learn to have more control over the weather within ourselves and the classroom.

About Clare

Clare Winter is a leader at an outstanding pupil referral unit and is the School Mindfulness Lead and SENDCo. She is @mrs_bickerson on Twitter. She has worked in special education in the UK for over 14 years and is passionate about helping disenfranchised young people to flourish by building resilience and positive mental health. She also highly values the need to support staff and offer them strategies and tools to remain healthy. Over the last five years she has slowly built and embedded the mindfulness offer in her own provision and throughout local schools and parent support networks. Clare is trained to teach the Mindfulness in Schools Project’s .b, .breathe and .b Foundations curricula.

Clare Winter

About Trevor

Trevor works at a secondary alternative provision for students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH). Trevor is a qualified outreach teacher and specialist support worker, and provides intervention provision in mainstream schools for pupils at risk of permanent exclusion. Follow @ProseAdams on Twitter.

Trevor supports schools in promoting the positive behaviour of pupils. His aim is to reduce the need for permanent exclusions from mainstream schools and develop positive, honest relationships with our partner schools.

Trevor began noticing the rise in complex referrals, which were becoming increasingly mental health related, and decided to complete the MBCT training and widen his knowledge through MiSP’s Paws b, .b and .breathe programmes. He now delivers Paws b and .b regularly at the PRU and primary and secondary schools, in a bid to improve outcomes for young people with SEMH. He has also extends his knowledge and expertise to parents and teaching staff.

In 2020, Trevor completed his masters dissertation titled ‘What are the effects of practicing mindfulness on politicians and their approach to decision-making?’ As part of his thesis, he was able to interview the likes of Chris Ruane MP, Jamie Bristow, Chris Cullen, Adrian Bethune and meet with Lord Richard Layard.

Trevor Adams

1:50pm to 2:10pm

Paul Adams - Using Symbols to Help Inclusivity

About the Session

For non-readers, classrooms (or virtual classrooms) can be daunting places.  During this session, we will look at how symbols can be used to help people’s understanding of the world around them.  Featuring short demonstrations of tools including G Suite (with Google Classroom), Microsoft365, Clicker and Seesaw, this interactive session will include opportunities to ask questions and explore resources.

About Paul

Paul Adams is a teacher at Furze Down School, a Specialist School for Communication and Interaction.  With twenty five years in the teaching profession, Paul continues to be passionate about making learning accessible for all.  Paul has hosted an educational blog (www.planetpda.co.uk) for many years, and he also uses Twitter (@pda3) to share resources with the teaching community.

Paul Adams

2:10pm to 2:50pm

Halil Tamgumus - Why ALL Children Benefit from Learning about Other Cultures and Races!

About the Session

The session will discuss how exposing children to different cultures can help to bring about cultural and racial tolerance and engage those that would otherwise feel “done to” in education to feel “part of” education.

About Halil

I am the proud head teacher of a primary school in Leicester. I have been in education since 2004 and have had an array of roles in a variety of schools. I am part of the 3% of head teachers who are classed as BAME. The pride I feel being a head is overshadowed by my disappointment of this shockingly low statistic. I love education and now is the time to make it truly inclusive and accessible for all.

Halil Tamgumus

2:10pm to 2:30pm

Josh Roy - ‘The Secret to Pupils’ Academic Growth Lies in Teachers’ Personal Growth and Vice Versa.’ To What Extent Do You Agree?

About the Session

This session will look at a philosophy of teaching and learning that combines academic and personal growth to show how the two, when conceptualised as one, are mutually beneficial. It will discuss how this looks, and might look, in practice at pupil, teacher, and curriculum levels in school and how this philosophy can benefit all of those involved.

About Josh

Josh has been working in education since leaving university. Initially, he began in the primary schools in Spain. While there, he worked to develop intercultural competency practices with an EU-wide network of schools on the Comenius Project and went on to promote functional English Language learning for refugees with the British Council’s Active Citizen programme. Before switching to teaching, he acted as Education Policy Director for King’s Think Tank. He has now been working in inner London Schools for 3 years as an English Teacher.

His research interests are in curriculum design, specifically how neuroscience, cognitive science, positive psychology, and personal growth can be applied to curriculum. He advocates these as part of a more inclusive curriculum for all.

Follow @_uajosh_ on Twitter.

Josh Roy

2:10pm to 2:30pm

Emma Turner - Sing-Along-A-CPD: What Famous Disney Songs Can Teach Us About Wellbeing, Networking and Building Professional Resilience

About the Session

In this session, Emma will take a lighthearted look at some important common areas we all too often neglect but which can reap huge rewards in terms of our PLN, wellbeing and ongoing professional learning.

About Emma

Emma Turner currently works part time as Research and CPD Lead for DSAT MAT in Leicestershire and has worked in Primary Education for 22 years –  initially as classroom teacher from 1998 but later in leadership roles including National Numeracy Strategy Consultant, Assistant Head, Deputy Head and from 2009 as one half of one of the UK’s first all female co headships which ran for 8 years and during which time she had three babies in five years. She is an ambassador for the GEC (Gender Equality Collective), columnist for the TES, Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, Founder of NewEd – Joyful CPD for early career teachers, co-host on the videocast “Mind the Gap”, and author of the bestselling leadership book, “Be More Toddler”. She is an advocate for flexible working across the education system, speaking, writing and presenting to promote flex throughout all aspects of the sector.

Emma Turner

2:30pm to 3:50pm

Sue Cowley - Marshmallows and Traffic Cops: Developing Self-Regulation

About the Session

In this webinar, Sue Cowley will explore the subject of self-regulation – what it is, how it develops and how you can support your students in learning to regulate their own behaviours. She will look at the importance of co-regulation and the giving of trust in developing self-regulation. She will share strategies that teachers and support staff can use to help their children build empathy and become more able to manage their own emotions.

During the webinar, Sue will consider the complex subject of motivation, examining questions about the use of rewards and consequences in settings, and looking at how educators can help children to build their intrinsic motivation to learn and behave. She will also share ideas for teachers to support children’s wellbeing during the current pandemic, building on the learning they have done at home as they return to settings.

About Sue

Sue Cowley is a presenter, teacher trainer and author of 30 books on education. A qualified early years teacher, she has taught in primary and secondary schools. Sue’s bestseller Getting the Buggers to Behave has been translated into ten languages and is a set text at universities. Her first book How to Survive your First Year in Teaching is a firm favourite with new teachers.

Sue has written articles for numerous publications, including the TES, Teach Primary and Early Years Educator and she has featured in numerous education videos. She now combines writing with working internationally as a trainer and presenter.

Sue has helped to run her local early years setting for the last decade. Her latest books are The Ultimate Guide to Differentiation and The Ultimate Guide to Mark Making in the Early Years. Visit www.suecowley.co.uk for more.

Sue Cowley

2:30pm to 3:10pm

Paula Delaney - The Early Career Framework: What Do We Need to Know? What Can We Learn from It?

About the Session

This session explores some of the key foci of the Early Career Framework as an evidence-informed approach to teacher development and practice. We consider some of the key research, theory and practice identified in the framework and explore how they can help to inform and develop a shared approach to teaching and learning in our schools. This session will be particularly useful for new teachers.

About Paula

Paula is a Design Manager at Ambition Institute, focusing on designing curriculum content for early-career support programmes in line with the Early Career Framework.

She was a teacher for 14 years and has worked as Head of Department, Head of Faculty and as part of the school leadership team to lead whole school development and curriculum reforms.

Having received support to attend university from an Access programme for those from ‘disadvantaged’ schools, Paula has strived to improve educational outcomes for students from all socio-economic backgrounds, joining Ambition Institute in 2018 as an organisation which is strongly aligned to her own values and moral purpose.

She is also a governor for an all-through school in East London and a National leader for WomenEd England.

Follow @paulaedelaney on Twitter.

Paula Delaney

2:30pm to 2:50pm

Emma Turner - What Do Your Students Bring to the Table? Learning About Pupils Helps Pupils’ Learning

About the Session

In this session, Emma will discuss the importance of relationship building and understanding individual students in order to maximise learning, as well as exploring one way of organising lesson delivery in order to promote opportunities for relationship building.

About Emma

Emma Turner currently works part time as Research and CPD Lead for DSAT MAT in Leicestershire and has worked in Primary Education for 22 years –  initially as classroom teacher from 1998 but later in leadership roles including National Numeracy Strategy Consultant, Assistant Head, Deputy Head and from 2009 as one half of one of the UK’s first all female co headships which ran for 8 years and during which time she had three babies in five years. She is an ambassador for the GEC (Gender Equality Collective), columnist for the TES, Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, Founder of NewEd – Joyful CPD for early career teachers, co-host on the videocast “Mind the Gap”, and author of the bestselling leadership book, “Be More Toddler”. She is an advocate for flexible working across the education system, speaking, writing and presenting to promote flex throughout all aspects of the sector.

Emma Turner

2:50pm to 3:30pm

Alison Kriel - AntiRacism In Schools In A Nutshell

About the Session

Key Questions and actions to take to get your school on track to being an antiracist school.

About Alison

Alison was an inner city Head Teacher for nearly 20 years.  She has a passion for social justice leadership, wellbeing, inclusion and diversity. She has a reputation for excellence in leadership, leading schools with high social challenges to be in the top 0.1% nationally,  top 3 in London and sustain high attainment over time. Her turnaround school was regarded and recommended by Regional Schools Commissioner for East of England and North-East London as a model school for the London, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex region.  The school won many prestigious awards including London Gold School Status, SSAT Award winner for Attainment and Pupil Progress, National Pupil Premium Award winner.  Both her schools were listed in the Sunday Times Top 500.

Alison now works nationally and internationally supporting leaders with the strategic development of their schools, particularly those in challenging circumstances. She also mentors teachers and school leaders. She is a regular speaker and panel member at conferences, speaking on a wide variety of subjects including Courageous Leadership, Turnaround Schools, Wellbeing, Staff Retention, Breaking Through The Concrete Ceiling, Diversity, Ubuntu, and AntiRacism.

Alison is a Strategic Leader of #WomenEd, a HundrEd Ambassador and a RSA Fellow. She was awarded Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa for attainment and services to education in 2018.

Alison Kriel

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