Lisa Fernandez-Adams – The Power of Performance

About the Session

Performing is one of our most powerful tools that we enjoy in the arts, which should be used to inspire, motivate, engage and challenge our students. If coupled with passion, grit and determination, dance has a transformative power of dance and will give students memories they will hold dear in years to come. Providing top class opportunities to develop practical skills on and off stage, to develop leadership skills and form fantastic working relationships, are skills that are undoubtedly transferable in the world of work. As a teacher we cannot underestimate our ability to demonstrate to our students the need to be creative, resilient, to manage multiple challenges and deadlines and produce work that is enjoyed by many. This ability to be a positive role model results leaves lasting impressions on students, many of whom foster a long term loyalty to the arts. This presentation will look at how we provide these opportunities, how we as teachers model excellence and what the outcome can be for our students who take part.

About Lisa

Lisa Fernandez Adams has been teaching Dance for 19 years and is currently Director of Teaching and Learning at a Sixth Form College in Southampton, UK. Lisa has taught in selected entry and mixed comprehensive schools as well as sixth form colleges. She was formerly Head of Performing Arts and has been privileged to teach Dance for every year of her teaching career. What inspires Lisa is allowing students achieve what they sometimes don’t know is possible! She strives to provide aspirational experiences for those she teaches and to allow students to work to the highest of levels, producing work that they are proud of. Through Dance Lisa has given students top quality performance opportunities, and they are encouraged in a safe environment to aspire to the highest standards. Lisa have produced, directed, choreographed 10 large scale musicals, 8 dance entries to a national dance competition which received huge success in the South of England as well as working with numerous successful dance companies to give students opportunities beyond their expectations.

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Lisa Fernandez-Adams

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