Kwakz – "A relatable role model"

Live Illustration by Rebecca Osbourne

Live Illustration Kwakz

About the Session

This session will touch on my journey from a child into my life of negativity during my formative years and then onto how my life changed and why I created a company to respond to the issues I saw people in my community facing.

About Kwakz

Kwakz is a 33-year-old father, community worker and recording artist. Originally came to Wycombe to get away from the “hood” and attend university, after failing university 2 years in a row he took a break to work on building sites and various other jobs and then went back to university determined to finish, graduating in 2017 with full honors in Music Business. Whilst at university, Kwakz worked for Wycombe Youth Action, a youth charity for over 5 years where he built up his knowledge of the local area and engaging young people before, once graduated, and not wanting to work in the music industry, he set up his own company Relatable Role Models as a response to issues faced in his community.

They provide “lived experience” workshops around child exploitation, knife, gang and drug culture working with people who have also turned their life around and want to give back to the community by sharing their stories with others. We support local youth centres and also provide 121 mentoring, building relationships and identifying needs with young people, giving them a space to discuss things they may not feel comfortable talking about with their parents, teachers or peers.

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