Kat Stern - The Science of Stress and School Behaviour Systems

About the Session

This talk will look at how the brain handles stress and its impact on both behaviour and learning.  We will take a pragmatic look at a typical secondary school behaviour system as a form of manipulative stress, and discover why there may be students who appear to struggle with common sanctions.  There will be links to the impact of trauma, the Regulate, Relate, Reason model, relational health, exclusions, and whilst the focus is on children, nearly all of the information is as relevant to working with the adults in a school environment.  You should expect clinical research translated into the reality of school life.  Useful for all!

About Kat

Kat Stern is currently a Therapeutic Education Consultant in a Young Offenders’ Institute and consults on all aspects of behaviour within secondary schools, with a specialism in trauma-informed education (see www.expectopatronumconsultancy.com).  She has a long history of leadership in pastoral care and behaviour, with previous roles as associate member of SLT, Director of Teaching and Learning for Behaviour and Lead Teacher for Behaviour, which included four years managing an alternative provision for students at risk of exclusion.  She has guested on the Trauma-informed Educators Network podcast series and recently completed the intervention stage of a randomised controlled trial of trauma-informed education within a prison setting.


Kat Stern

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