Karen Blackwell - Inclusion and Autism: Fact or Fantasy?

About the Session

In this session we will look at the impact of the Triad of Impairment and Theory of Mind on the young person, parent, teacher and TA: how it presents in the classroom and at home and the simple strategies we can use to make both home and school successful.

About Karen

I have worked in Stony Dean for the last 11 years and now Lead on ASC and Mental Health. I have had a long varied career in counselling, therapy and teaching which has enabled me to have 40 years experience of working with Autism and I’m still learning.

As a primary school teacher I have experience of reception, KS1 and KS2 and at Stony Dean I teach Humanities to KS3. As lead for ASC and Mental Health I have a whole school responsibility covering KS3 ,KS4 and 6th form.I enjoy a challenge whether it’s educational, behavioural, environmental, social or emotional. My thinking is often “outside the box” and changes with every cohort.

Karen Blackwell

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