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About the Session

Developing language, learning and emotional connection through rehearsal room strategies. Lifting words from the page. Inspiring our learners by rich physical connection with language and themes, I will share some links to pedagogy and some practical strategies to try, incorporating development of vocabulary awareness, developing understanding and engaging with themes.

About Julia

Julia loves to learn. She learns best when she’s involved and active and gets a chance to articulate and explore learning, like most of us. Having completed an Open University multidisciplinary Arts degree she is a queen of cross curricular approaches to learning. Julia has a range of Primary school Headteacher and leadership positions, including facilitation for leadership training across phases and sectors , and as an SLE for English , as well as leading a Royal Shakespeare Company Associate schools’ network and led workshops, CPD and community performance in this role. Her career in education has been always been fuelled by a relentless commitment to integrating the Arts across the curriculum to emotionally and cognitively engage learners and staff, explore concepts and develop deep understanding and expression of new learning. She is particularly passionate about inspiring a joy of learning and enabling emotional literacy (EQ)and inclusive practice to enable everyone to succeed through active engagement with drama strategies, visual arts and music. This informed her MA studies around empowering learners through meta cognitive practice and her writing for Ian Gilbert’s The Working Class :Poverty, Education and Alternative Voices. Julia is director of Boundless Learning Ltd, providing coaching and supervision for staff and leadership development to consider a broader vision for education , including the development of creative approaches to developing curriculum, learning and emotional development across the community. She’s also enjoying her role as School Governor with specific responsibilities for Maths, PSHE and Music and learning to be a gong bath practitioner!

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Julia Hancock

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