Jessica Austin-Burdett – Creative critical thinking approaches in the Visual Arts - Using diverse artists and experiences to broaden horizons and inspire, motivate and engage

About the Session

How can we use the visual arts to stimulate, develop and provoke critical thinking skills in our learners?

Why is critical thinking vital to creativity?

How can we use the visual arts to instigate critical thinking and inspiration?

How do we design and frame questions about what we see that can develop and deepen critical thinking skills?

Can critical thinking skills be linked to the improvement of society and educational progress?

How can we design relevant learning experiences that inspire, challenge and motivate our learners and broaden the horizons and aspirations?

An exploration of the power of the visual arts to engage, inspire, motivate and instigate change.

About Jessica

Jessica Austin-Burdett is an experienced art and design teacher and leader with a passion for creativity and interdisciplinary unison, holding a variety of educational positions in diverse inner-city schools over the years. An experienced teacher trainer and mentor she has had the pleasure of being involved in many interdisciplinary projects that have contributed to her pedagogical approaches and philosophy. Jessica participates in and contributes to many groups that promote and explore the benefits of an arts based or creative education and has always advocated for the arts playing a fundamental role in a child’s educational experience. A lifelong learner, Jessica completed an MA in education whilst having her first child and has presented at many educational events and conferences. Jessica tweets at @artteachjess.

Jessica Austin-Burdett

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