Jennifer Linsdell – Using Creativity to Support Staff & Student Wellbeing in Education

About the Session

Mental Health in Further Education. Something which all of us want to understand better, although on the surface is something that most are just trying to cover with a band aid. I came into Education wanting to help students, what I found was students having increased negative feelings about their work and themselves because they see the stress their teachers are under. They see the daily struggles of marking, paperwork and scrutiny. They see us exhausting ourselves and are left confused. My research over the past three years has stemmed from exactly this realisation, that we need to help our staff before we can help our students. Across the sector we have seen a huge increase in the need to support both staff and students with their mental wellbeing.

My main focus was around utilising Art Therapy techniques which can explore your positive attitudes and emotions and allow yourself to build these over time. This session will look at the specifics of my research, as well as how you can adopt these into your own institutions. Simple, quick and effective tasks which will allow us to both understand and work with our own, and others mental health.

About Jennifer

Jennifer has a teaching career that has mainly explored teaching Level 2 & 3 qualifications in Art and Design, Graphic Design and Creative Digital Media Production. As Assistant Head of Arts in a sixth form, and moving into a new Head of Art, Film & Media role in September, Jennifer has build both BTEC and A Level qualifications which have allowed students to become extremely successful.

Aside from this, Jennifer has spent the past 3 years researching and exploring how Creativity can be used to support the mental wellbeing of both staff & students across the Education Sector. The research, and Masters in Arts & Education Practices that she has studied has led her on a journey which has included writing for InTuition, presenting at a range of research events such as #FEResearchMeet’s, the IDPA England conference, and now moving onto working with the OERxDomains21 conference. Jennifer’s passion predominately lies in Educational Research and supporting getting the smaller voices of Further Education heard, and this can be seen through her work on the #revEDlution every Tuesday at 9PM!

Twitter: @jnfrlinsdell

Jennifer Linsdell

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