Jen Langeskov – Philosophy for Children Through Visual Art

About the Session

P4C is an approach to teaching and learning which enhances children’s thinking and communication skills, boosts their self-esteem, and improves their academic attainment. In P4C, a stimulus, such as a story, video clip or artwork is shared with a group of children. The children are encouraged to generate big, engaging philosophical questions about the stimulus and develop creative and critical ways of thinking, encouraging independent voice, questioning and debating language. Listening & speaking skills improve, as well as reasoning, justification and critique; skills which can be transferred back into everyday learning. I use visual art as a method in which the pupils can respond to and articulate their thinking. I have developed a method in which the work of artists and designers are used for conceptual, thematic and technical inspiration, but are also in alignment with the original stimulus. Pupils have the opportunity to explore practical art skills and create a visual response to their thinking using painting, drawing, printing-making, sculpture, mixed media and photography. There is then an opportunity to critique their own work and each other’s, reflecting on their P4C thinking from the stimulus. Join me to hear more about this approach and get a flavour of how it could benefit your children and young people.

About Jen

Jen Langeskov is an artist and an educator. Having trained in Sculpture at Camberwell College of Art, UAL, she worked as an art and design teacher in numerous secondary schools both in London and Norwich, and more latterly she ran a creative art studio in an Infant School teaching Philosophy for Children(P4C) through Visual Art.

She has now established herself as a freelance artist educator, delivering P4C through visual art as CPD to schools in and around East Anglia. During her time in the T.A.R.D.I.S (Thinking, artistic, reflective, dialogue, imagination studio) she created a method in which a philosophical enquiry was carried out through in depth conversation and the process of creating and making was used to visually articulate ideas.

This method has heavily influenced her own practice as an artist. Her work is focused on young children’s naïve, but authentic philosophical thinking, using their intervention and collaboration to determine possible process and outcome.

Jen’s experience as an artist and as an educator has enabled a strong understanding of pedagogy and creative intervention. She is passionate about the arts and its place within schools and the wider community.

Jen Langeskov

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