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About the Session

We are getting older – even you! Make no mistake, there are ageist attitudes in the developed world although more people are living longer. Over 50s to 105+ are often grouped as a single cohort – elderly or seniors – marginalized, and language about them is more negative than positive. However, many are contributing to society, living reasonably healthy lives and do not consider themselves to be old. They want to remain active in their communities.

The presentation is based on my past and present activities and my work-based doctorate “Active Older People Participating in Creative Dance – challenging perceptions” using qualitive and transdisciplinary research involving creative dance, ageing and community activities.

Although through the perspective of older peoples’ creative dance, the presentation is for everyone interested in developing intergenerational activities and adults’ participatory arts especially for older adults who are not vulnerable and needy.

Older people need not become marginalised, isolated, and lonely. Everyone interested in cohesive communities and choices, new opportunities, welcoming approaches, respect, trusting environments and equality please come along and have a positive, enjoyable, life-enhancing time!

More Dance ……. Towards a more Peaceful World.

About Jackie

Jackie is an advisor, social enabler, and older dancer. In 2008, she left her fulltime management career (1976-1980, 1987-2008) at a vocational assessment organisation where she led teams developing Health & Social Care, Community Development and Creative Crafts qualifications. Previously, she had studied Creative Dance, Laban Art of Movement Studio, Addlestone and Trent Park College (1966-9); Sociology/Education (BEdHons 1975), Goldsmiths University, taught in schools (1969-1974) and dance adult-education tutor (1978-1987). In 2017, she graduated from Middlesex University with a doctorate (DProf). The research thesis/report was a transdisciplinary case study bringing together her dance, community and various work activities.

Some past and present activities:

  • attending dance sessions
  • performing in several older dancers’ companies and intergenerational projects
  • founding/managing an older people’s dance organisation, after 6 years handing it to dance-artist entrepreneurs. It is now incorporated into a dance organisation for all ages.
  • advising/mentoring ex-colleagues and younger artists
  • chairing the development of a local Community Arts Centre. (1980-1987)
  • co-chairing the DWP/Age Action Alliance creative arts and older people’s group. (2014-2017)
  • TEDx Tottenham presenter.(2014)
  • advising – Age UK London “Age Allies” Project about language and stereotyping. (2017-2019)
  • member of Ransackers Association. (2006 onwards)
  • Presenting and sharing ideas at conferences, seminars and committees.

Contact details and videos
Contact jackie134@btopenworld.com
Access to doctorate thesis report
Creative Dance London. www.creativedancelondon.org
Damn Fine Dance www.damnfinedance.com
It’s Only Ever Now – Damn Fine Dance https://vimeo.com/179453445
Farewell to Age Allies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTH3ADxUUGI
Move Dance Feel www.movedancefeel.com
TEDxTottenham Sing, Dance and Smile https://youtu.be/ksRWurOqr24

Jackie Richards

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