Imrana Mahmood – The Art of Representation

About the Session

There has recently been a big drive to champion more diversity within the arts sector, however, we need to go beyond tick-box representation in order to provide genuine opportunities to pursue creative pathways. This presentation will address examples of barriers faced by some young people from minoritised communities within the arts education system, and focus on ways in which educators and practitioners can co-create projects with young people with the aim of exploring artivism and promoting positive social change.

About Imrana

Imrana Mahmood is a Creative Producer and Arts Educationalist who is committed to redefining the arts scene by enhancing participation, collaboration and inclusivity. She is passionate about working with diverse communities at a grassroots level, with a particular focus on creating a platform for underrepresented voices. As a qualified teacher, Imrana aims to inspire young people by providing creative spaces to enable self-empowerment through arts engagement. Her previous projects include Beyond Borders and Echoes of the Diaspora; she was previously the Community Activist at Revoluton Arts and is currently the Project Officer for Hertfordshire Cultural Education Partnership led by the University of Hertfordshire and supported by Royal Opera House Bridge.

Imrana Mahmood

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