Hywel Roberts and Debra Kidd – Making it Matter: Curriculum Investment Through Drama and Story

About the Session

In this session, Hywel and Debra will share their work around Drama, story and pupil investment in their own learning resulting in richer outcomes. Hywel and Debra will present the research and theory that underpins their work whilst offering delegates numerous examples of what Drama pedagogy can do for their pupils. These worked examples are authentic and are based on Hywel and Debra’s own unique approaches in REAL classrooms with REAL children across the globe.

About Hywel and Debra

With nearly sixty years of teaching experience between them, Debra and Hywel work closely with schools across the world supporting them in their pursuit of great learning cultures for their students.

Debra and Hywel co-wrote the popular call to the professional imagination ‘Uncharted Territories’. More recently Debra has written ‘A Curriculum of Hope’, whilst Hywel’s next book, ‘Botheredness: Stories, Stance and Pedagogy’ will be published in late 2021.

Always keen to contribute to the education conversation, Debra and Hywel do so with warmth and wit.

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Hywel Roberts
Debra Kidd

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