How Are We Feeling Survey?

Feeling useful means an awful lot to people at Aspire and for those who necessarily can’t be out and about, this is tough (but absolutely necessary and you’re absolutely doing the right thing by staying in!). Worry for our young people is understandably a concern for many. Fear and anxiety about the unknown and things we can’t control feature highly for our community (and undoubtedly those beyond it).

The complete re-negotiation of routines, often with others with their own needs at home, is tough, and nobody is feeling as productive as before. We need to give ourselves permission to take it a minute at a time and, as Eleanor said yesterday, just curl up with a book (or crawl back to bed, or snuggle on the sofa as required). Increasing numbers of us are concerned about vulnerable or poorly relatives or really missing relatives we can’t see, let alone hug.

Finding it hard to concentrate for any length of time on anything is very common indeed! There is no rush on this at all.

That said, film, TV and other distraction opportunities are very popular! I’ll start with Malory Towers, which has my daughters transfixed and allows me to be wildly nostalgic and describe people as ‘beastly’ on a regular basis. Do share yours! Monopoly has mixed reviews!

Lots of exciting offers coming in to share skills in art, cooking, writing and great apps for online workouts which we will explore in coming days.

Some people are not ready yet to see the positives – or it depends on how they feel from day to day – but others are starting to find some peace in being forced to slow down and some are citing new bursts of creativity. The daily ration of fresh air and exercise is helping most of us get through.

There were some lovely references to feeling hopeful, resolute and proud to be part of the Aspire family.

The bottom line is that, however you’re feeling, you’re not alone. 

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