Holly Williamson – Prompts with Feelings – Reflection for All Ages

About the Session

There has been a rising interest in bullet journalling, gratitude journals and meditation which has worked wonders for many, but how can you get children involved? Or teenagers? Or maybe someone who just isn’t very confident with words? In this presentation you will see a demonstration on how you can use household objects to instigate reflective practice and expression. It could be a plant, a pack of playing cards, a fork or some carpet. Not only will this get the participant to think about how they are feeling but it will also help with language skills as adjectives will be key. This sort of practice can take one minute to one day if you really wanted it to; a wonderful way to connect with objects around you and of course, yourself.

About Holly

Holly came from working as a freelance artist to do teacher training in level 1 and 3 art and English, this progressed on to her current role utilising her degree teaching level 3 criminology at The Manchester College. Creativity is not left behind as she often spends time drawing, painting, making clothes, taking part in health and wellbeing activities and getting involved in makers markets. Holly is a firm believer that creativity can unlock the learning potential in all students studying any subject no matter how academic.

Currently Holly’s focus in art is how to use it for reflective practice which can be accessible for all ages. This was inspired by a selection of drawings and paintings she embarked upon over a number of years expressing her own moods and mental health through that period. When she started teaching she understood the benefit of this as a way for younger (or older) people to express and explore themselves. Working with characters has been another focus which has earned Holly publications in Frisson Comics alongside her poetry.

Holly Williamson

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