Holly Powell-Jones – Social Media: 5 Legal Risks All Teens Should Know About

About the Session

Did you know that sharing a video online could lead to a prison sentence or get you sued?
How much do you really know about what’s risky to share in the digital age?

Dr Holly PJ is a TV and radio journalist turned educator who specialises in media law and ethics for the digital generation. This 15minute interactive, youth-friendly video presentation will provide a quick overview of 5 key risks that all social media users should be aware of.

Easy access to technology has made ‘media whizzes’ of us all, but schools often struggle to keep up with criminal, legal and ethical risks facing pupils in this brave new world. Holly has worked with tens of thousands of young people delivering workshops on this topic and completed a PhD in youth understandings of ‘risk’ online.

Her presentation will highlight examples of social media content that could lead to trouble with police or the courts, plus signpost further resources and support on this topic.

Content warning: discussion of criminal subject matter. Recommended for ages 11+.

About Holly

Dr Holly Powell-Jones is the founder of Online Media Law UK, specialising in research, training, and consultancy on media law and ethics for the digital age. She started with an undergrad degree in Drama & Theatre, before working as a broadcast journalist in TV and radio and has been running youth digital media workshops since 2012. 

She has a PhD in youth understandings of risk & responsibility online (City, University of London). Since then, she’s designed and delivered large scale police funded projects educating children in schools and worked on several research projects related to social media, youth, crime, law, human rights, and online safety. Holly is the Online Law Leader for the Global Equality Collective and a Violent Crime Prevention Board award winner for 2020.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hollypowelljones

Twitter: @OnlineMediaLaw or @Holly_PJ

Website: HollyPJ.com

Holly Powell-Jones

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