Harmeet Sahota – Is Your Curriculum Fit for Purpose for Every Child?

About the Session

Is league table performance more important than student wellbeing? Are we as schools contributing to the steep rise in exclusions? This presentation will explore how the curriculum has narrowed over the last 7 years looking at the correlation of the introduction of the EBacc and the:

  • increase in exclusions
  • increase in student NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training)
  • increase in mental health cases amongst students

The session will also look at the goals of Curriculum Wide discussing the following points:

  • the importance of the creative arts
  • the need for a variety of student centred subjects to be offered in schools
  • the importance of offering an accessible curriculum for every learner

About Harmeet

Harmeet Sahota is a part-time Senior Assistant Headteacher in a school in North West London, Regional Lead for the Edtech Demonstrator Programme, Google Innovator and Consultant. Harmeet is committed to advocating an inclusive curriculum and the founder of www.curriculumwide.co.uk, a platform that provides schools with the information they need to create a student centred curriculum for their learners, empowering students and supporting the reduction of exclusions and student NEETs.

Social media links:
Twitter: @HarmeetSahota
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/harmeetsahota/

Harmeet Sahota

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