Ginny Bootman – Follow the Empathy Road

About the Session

This presentation looks at the role which books can make in helping children understand the role which empathy can and should play in our lives. Ginny will take you on a journey through books she has shared with young people and simple ways in which she has helped them become part of that story and the feelings evoked within it. You will go away feeling the heartbreak, love and loss for many different characters and be able to use these skills for books you already love.

About Ginny

Ginny has been teaching longer than she hasn’t. She has been a Headteacher, Senior Manager and Class Teacher teaching all ages in the Primary age range. She is currently SENCO of 2 Primary schools in Northamptonshire. She believes in her mantra #Followtheempathyroad and embodies this in everything she does. She writes and talks about how this can be embedded in the classroom as well as in the whole school environment through a caring approach that involves listening to others and putting ourselves in the shoes of others. You can find Ginny on Twitter @sencogirl and at her website

Ginny Bootman

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