Gary Cunningham – Music Made Me: We Must Give it a Chance to Make Others

About the Session

Music made me who I am today. It gave me a purpose and something to work towards in life. Having initially struggled in school to find something I was “good at”, I was not the most confident of children. This was until I discovered this really amazing thing called Music and, it transpired that I was actually rather good at it. It was this discovery of Music and how it made me who I am today, that has shaped my life as a musician and music educator and my desire to mould the next generation of performers and teachers. This talk will not only tell my story, but its aim is also to inspire my fellow music educators to embrace the power of Music and use it to push students to become who they have always wanted to be!

About Gary

Gary Cunningham is a musician & music educator with experience in both primary and secondary education. Having also been a performer for over 10 years, he has been fortunate enough to perform at the Skegness Northern Soul Survivors Weekender and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. Gary’s extensive performance experience allows him to bring a unique methodology to his teaching along with the confidence to lead a classroom of varying ability and size. He is a long-term and passionate advocate for music education in schools who wants to use his years of performance and band leadership experience to create and nurture the musicians and music educators of the future. Overall, he’s excitement for teaching and learning is what drives him to become the best he can. Having Gary as a part of your learning environment will ensure that the best is brought out of your pupils at all times and show that no matter what a learner feels about themselves, they can achieve anything with the right amount of work, dedication and support from those around them.

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Gary Cunningham

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