Mac Barnett

Mac Barnett is going LIVE on Instagram, EVERY DAY @ 3:00! He plans to read through ALL of his books! Enjoy!

EYFS   |   KS1

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Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers will be reading one of his books every weekday, and talking about some of the things that went into making it.

@kaleidoscopeire are doing a daily creative project called ‘Home Club’, also starting Monday.

EYFS   |   KS1   |   KS2   |   KS3   |   KS4

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Pobble 365

English, writing stimuli, grammar work etc.

KS2   |   KS3

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Fun Phonics

For a short time, fun phonics have made all of their digital products free of charge.

EYFS   |   KS1

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The Story Starter

Generates a different story starter every time you use it.

KS1   |   KS2   |   KS3   |   KS4

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Spelling Training

Help to learn spellings.

KS1   |   KS2   |   KS3

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Novel Effect

A way to make story time more interesting!

EYFS   |   KS1

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Free Children's Stories

Children’s stories to read together.

EYFS   |   KS1   |   KS2

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