Emily Ashton – There’s no morality in a Malteaser

About the Session

I don’t know about you, but when I see chocolate adverts where it is (usually) a woman or a pair of women doing some sort of cheeky-shoulder-shruggy-smirk-wink while ‘indulging’ in a floaty light snack, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I hear it a lot in the office and often I catch myself saying it too, ‘I’m trying to be good’, ‘I need to be good’, ‘Is it healthy?’, ‘Go on then, just one’. Why oh why, I ask myself, must we add such gravity to our snacks? Why do I allow it to measure my morality? What impact is the language we use about ourselves and our bodies having on the young people in our care?

About Emily

Emily Ashton is an English teacher with a passion for creating an inclusive, creative and thinking classroom. She has worked closely with Social Care teams, Virtual schools and SEND specialists to broaden her contextual knowledge and wants to bring current affairs and cultural debate to every single student. She has a particular interest in empowering young voices, body image and mental wellbeing in education and she writes about her own experiences of mental health struggles through motherhood on her blog. She is also trying desperately to wrestle out a piece of Young Adult fiction.

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